ImageEn, unit iexUserInteractions




var MotionBlurAngle: Double;


Specify the angle in degrees (0 to 360) of the motion blur effect, or -1 to automatically calculate the angle from the user's movement.

For more information: MotionBlur

Default: -1


// Apply motion blur to image
ImageEnView1.RetouchTool.RetouchMode      := iermMotionBlur ;
ImageEnView1.RetouchTool.MotionBlurSigma  := 8;
ImageEnView1.RetouchTool.MotionBlurAngle  := -1;
ImageEnView1.RetouchTool.MotionBlurRadius := 10;
ImageEnView1.MouseInteractGeneral         := [ miRetouchTool ];

// Effect will originate where user clicks down and blurs in the direction they move the mouse (i.e. appears to be moving in the opposite direction to the mouse)
ImageEnView1.RetouchTool.MotionBlurAngle  := -1;

// Force effect to originate on the left and blur towards the right (i.e. appears to be moving to the left)
ImageEnView1.RetouchTool.MotionBlurAngle  := 180;

See Also

- MotionBlurRadius
- MotionBlurSigma