ImageEn, unit ieview




procedure SetChessboardStyle(Size: Integer; BrushStyle: TBrushStyle = bsSolid; Color1: TColor = clNone; Color2: TColor = clNone);


Sets the size and brush of the chessboard background (when BackgroundStyle is iebsChessboard).

Parameter Description
Size Specifies the box size (default 16)
BrushStyle Specifies the brush style of the boxes (default bsSolid)
Color1 Color 1 of chessboard. Specifying this as something other than clNone will set Background
Color2 Color 2 of chessboard. If specified as clNone, then color 2 will be a reverse of Color 1


// Typical chessboard style (white and light gray)
ImageEnView1.SetChessboardStyle( 16, bsSolid, clWhite, $00EEEEEE );
ImageEnView1.BackgroundStyle := iebsChessboard;

// Set small chessboard background of Yellow and Blue
ImageEnView1.SetChessboardStyle( 5, bsSolid, clBlue, clYellow );
ImageEnView1.BackgroundStyle := iebsChessboard;