ImageEn, unit iexRulers




property VertGripsKind[g: integer]: TGripKind;


Specifies the style of the grip, g, on the vertical ruler (triangle, arrow, etc).

Grips with default style of gkTriangle:

- The default style for grips is specified by GripKindDefault. Use VertGripsKind when you want individual grips with different styles
- The style of the grip showing the current cursor position is specified by CursorGripKind
- The size of the grip is specified by GripWidth and GripHeight


// Set default style of grips to gkTriangle, but gkArrow2 to grips > 10
ImageEnView1.RulerParams.GripKindDefault := gkTriangle;
for i := 10 to ImageEnView1.RulerParams.VertGripsCount - 1 do
  ImageEnView1.RulerParams.VertGripsKind[ i ] := gkArrow2;

// Set the cursor grip to a red triangle
ImageEnView1.RulerParams.VertGripsKind[ -1 ] := gkTriangle; // Same as setting CursorGripKind
ImageEnView1.RulerParams.VertGripsColor[ -1 ] := clRed;

See Also

- GripKindDefault
- HorzGripsKind
- GripWidth
- GripHeight
- GripColorDefault
- GripPenColor