ImageEn, unit iemio




procedure SaveToFileAVI(const FileName: string; const Codec: AnsiString = ''; SelectedOnly: Boolean = False; const WavFilename: WideString = '');


Save all images in the attached TImageEnMView or TIEMultiBitmap as an AVI file.
If SelectedOnly = True and the component is attached to a TImageEnMView then only the selected images are output.

Note: All images in the TImageEnMView/TIEMultiBitmap must be of the same size.

Codec specifies the compression codec to use (must be installed on system) as a four character string. Examples:
'cvid' : cinepak by Radius
'msvc' : Microsoft Video 1
'mp42' : Microsoft MPEG4 V2

More codecs are listed at or by searching for registered fourcc codes and wave formats on MSDN
If a codec is not specified, a dialog box appears to allow the user to select a compression.


: An optional audio file to include as an audio track. Must be WAV format. Output video will match length of the audio file if longer than the video content.
The delay time for each frame is specified by ImageDelayTime.