ImageEn, unit iemio



TImageEnMIO = class(TComponent);


TImageEnMIO provides input/output support to ImageEn when working with images containing multiple frames (TIFF, GIF, DICOM, AVI, etc):
 Loading and saving multi-frame images
 Access to image properties and meta-data
 Acquisition of multiple images from cameras and scanners
 Printing of thumbnails and images

ImageEn supports loading and saving multiple frames from GIF, TIFF, AVI, DCX, DICOM and ICO formats. It can also load from CUR and ZIP formats, and save to PDF and PS format (loading of PDF is supported if a relevant plug-in is installed).

Generally you will not add a TImageEnMIO component directly to your project. It is accessed via the following methods:

1. Using the MIO property of a TImageEnMView

ImageEnMView1.MIO.LoadFromFile( 'C:\MyImage.tiff' );

2. Attached to a TIEMultiBitmap in code

mbmp := TIEMultiBitmap.create;
mio := TImageEnMIO.CreateFromIEMBitmap( mbmp );
mio.LoadFromFile( 'C:\input.gif' );

 Ensure you do not call any TImageEnMIO methods before it is actually attached to an image container (TImageEnMView, TIEMultiBitmap, etc)
 See also TImageEnIO, which works with single-frame images, such as JPEG, BMP, etc.


Demo Description Demo Project Folder Compiled Demo
Contact Sheets Output thumbnail pages to file, bitmap or printer Multi\ContactSheets\ContactSheets.dpr   
Acquire from Any Source Acquisition from any source: Twain, WIA and connected cameras and cards ImageAcquisition\AllAcquire\AllAcquire.dpr   
ImageEnMView Actions Multiple Image and thumbnail application built using only ImageEnMView actions Actions\Actions_MView\MViewActions.dpr   
All Actions Demo showing all ImageEn actions (400+) available to rapidly build applications Actions\AllActions\AllActions.dpr   


// Prompt the user to print thumbnail sheets

// Prompt the user to save thumbnail/contact sheets

General Methods and Properties

Connected Component
Public Property  AttachedIEMBitmap
Published Property  AttachedMView
Public Method  CreateFromIEMBitmap
Public Property  IEMBitmap
Public Method  Update

Generic Input/Output
Public Property  Aborting
Public Property  AllowMalformedPages
Published Property  AutoAdjustDPI
Public Property  DefaultDitherMethod
Public Property  DuplicateCompressionInfo
Public Method  ExecuteOpenDialog
Public Method  ExecuteSaveDialog
Published Property  FilteredAdjustDPI
Public Method  LoadFromBuffer
Public Method  LoadFromFileAuto
Public Method  LoadFromFile
Public Method  LoadFromFiles
Public Method  LoadFromStream
Public Method  LoadFromURL
Public Property  NativePixelFormat
Public Property  Params
Public Property  ParamsCount
Public Method  ParamsFromBuffer
Public Method  ParamsFromFile
Public Method  ParamsFromStream
Public Property  ProgressTask
Public Method  SaveToFile
Public Method  SaveToStream

Public Method  DoPreviews
Published Property  PreviewFont
Published Property  PreviewFontEnabled
Published Property  PreviewsParams
Published Property  SimplifiedParamsDialogs

Image Acquisition (Twain/WIA)
Public Method  Acquire
Public Method  SelectAcquireSource
Public Property  SelectedAcquireSource
Public Method  SetAcquireSource
Public Property  AcquireParams
Public Property  DCIMParams
Public Property  TwainParams
Public Method  TwainAcquireOpen
Public Method  TwainAcquireClose
Public Property  WIAParams

Public Method  DoPrintPreviewDialog
Public Method  PreviewPrintImages
Public Method  PrintImage
Public Method  PrintImagePos
Public Method  PrintImages
Public Property  PrintingFilterOnSubsampling
Public Property  PrintingMaintainAR
Public Property  PrintPreviewParams

Contact Sheets
Public Method  DoSavePreviewDialog
Public Method  PrintImagesToBitmap
Public Method  PrintImagesToFile

Format-Specific Methods

Adobe PDF
Public Method  LoadFromFilePDF (Requires Plug-In)
Public Method  LoadFromStreamPDF (Requires Plug-In)
Public Method  SaveToFilePDF
Public Method  SaveToStreamPDF

AVI Videos
Public Method  LoadFromFileAVI
Public Method  SaveToFileAVI

Cursor Resources (CUR)
Public Method  LoadFromFileCUR
Public Method  LoadFromStreamCUR

DICOM Medical Imaging Format
Public Method  LoadFromFileDICOM
Public Method  LoadFromStreamDICOM
Public Method  SaveToFileDICOM
Public Method  SaveToStreamDICOM

DCX (Multipage PCX)
Public Method  LoadFromFileDCX
Public Method  LoadFromStreamDCX
Public Method  SaveToFileDCX
Public Method  SaveToStreamDCX

Public Method  LoadFromFileGIF
Public Method  LoadFromStreamGIF
Public Method  SaveToFileGIF
Public Method  SaveToStreamGIF

Icons (ICO)
Public Method  LoadFromFileICO
Public Method  LoadFromStreamICO
Public Method  SaveToFileICO
Public Method  SaveToStreamICO

Media Files (DirectShow)
Public Method  LoadFromMediaFile

PostScript (PS)
Public Method  SaveToFilePS
Public Method  SaveToStreamPS

Public Method  LoadFromFileTIFF
Public Method  LoadFromStreamTIFF
Public Method  SaveToFileTIFF
Public Method  SaveToStreamTIFF

Public Method  ExtractFromFileZIP (Requires Plug-In)
Public Method  ExtractFromStreamZIP (Requires Plug-In)
Public Method  LoadFromFileZIP (Requires Plug-In)
Public Method  LoadFromStreamZIP (Requires Plug-In)


Event  OnAcquireBitmap
Event  OnAcquireClose
Event  OnAfterAcquireBitmap
Event  OnDoPreviews
Event  OnFinishWork
Event  OnPrintPage
Event  OnProgress