ImageEn, unit iemio




function DoPrintPreviewDialog(const TaskName: string = ''; PrintAnnotations: boolean = False; const Caption: string = ''; ThumbnailPrinting: Boolean = False): boolean;


Executes the multi-page print preview dialog. This function is like DoPrintPreviewDialog of TImageEnIO, but allows working with multiple pages.
Parameter Description
TaskName Specifies the description of the task in the Print Manager and network header pages (defaults to the application name)
PrintAnnotations If true and the image contains imaging or ImageEn annotations they will be printed
Caption Specifies the caption of the Print Preview dialog
ThumbnailPrinting If true then it defaults to printing of thumbnails, otherwise the default is read from PrintPreviewParams

 The language used in the dialog is controlled by MsgLanguage. The styling can also be adjusted using UseButtonGlyphsInDialogs
 Use the OnPrintPage or OnPrintPage events to add a heading to the printed page
 If you are printing a PDF, you should use Print


Demo  Demos\Multi\Multiview\Multi.dpr
Demo  Demos\Multi\ContactSheets\ContactSheets.dpr
Demo  Demos\Other\ImageEn_Dialogs\ImageEn_Dialogs.dpr



// Display the Print Preview maximized
ImageEnMView1.MIO.PrintPreviewParams.DlgMaximized := True;
ImageEnMView1.MIO.DoPrintPreviewDialog('', false, 'Print Preview');

Compatibility Information

Prior to v8.0.0, if the user specified a width and height in the Preview dialog, it would not adjust the output to ensure the image aspect ratio was maintained (i.e. image may print stretched). With 8.0.0, the aspect ratio is maintained by default. To restore the older functionality, set ImageEnMView1.MIO.PrintingMaintainAR := False;

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