ImageEn, unit iexActionsMulti

TImageEnMView Actions

ImageEn includes a large set of actions for ImageEnMView, ImageEnView, ImageEnView Layers and ImageEnVect components to allow you to rapidly develop your UI (and instantly localize in twenty-five languages).



To use actions:

1. Add a TActionList component to your form
2. Double-click your TActionList to open it
3. Select "New Standard Action"
4. Scroll down to the ImageEnMView actions, select the ones you require and click OK
5. Assign the actions to menu items and buttons


Demo  Demos\Actions\Actions_MView\MViewActions.dpr

Base Properties
Published Property  ActionType Specifies the type of action: whether the control only performs a function (ieaButton), toggles a state (ieaCheckbox), or changes between multiple states (ieaRadioButton)
Published Property  ImageEnMView Optional property: Specify a TImageEnMView if you have multiple on a form and want to limit actions to one of them
Published Property  RequiresFocus If enabled, actions have no effect unless a TImageEnMView is focused, otherwise actions work and change whatever control is focused. You must set this to true, or use the ImageEnMView property if you have multiple TImageEnMViews on a form (Default: False)


 You can set MsgLanguage to localize the actions
 Some actions include shortcuts. The VCL does not allow these to be cleared at design-time. Disable them at run-time as follows: ImageEnMView1PromptToOpen1.ShortCut := 0;
 See the list of the default ImageIndexes if you are planning to add graphics to your actions

General Actions

Action Name Description Associated Method Extra Properties
TImageEnMViewClear Clear Clear all images Clear -
TImageEnMViewSelectAll Select All Select all images in the grid SelectAll -
TImageEnMViewDeselect Deselect Clear your selection Deselect -
TImageEnMViewPlaying Animate Playback these frames in sequence Playing -
TImageEnMViewPlayLoop Loop Playback Restart playback after it completes PlayLoop -
TImageEnMViewDisplayModeSingle Single Frame Only Display only the active frame DisplayMode -
TImageEnMViewEnableAdjustOrientation Auto-Rotate Display Automatically display images with the correct orientation EnableAdjustOrientation -
TImageEnMViewShowText Show Thumbnail Text Display text above/below the thumnbnails ShowText -
TImageEnMViewViewImage Show Image Display a preview of this image IEShowImagePreview AutoShrink, AutoStretch, Maximized

Style Actions

Action Name Description Associated Method Extra Properties
TImageEnMViewStyleShowThumbs Thumbnail View Display thumbnails Style TopText, InfoText, BottomText, FixGaps
TImageEnMViewStyleShowDetails Detail View Display file details Style TopText, InfoText, BottomText, FixGaps, ThumbnailZoom, BoldFilename
TImageEnMViewStyleShowColumns Column View Display file columns Style TopText, InfoText, BottomText, FixGaps, ThumbnailSize, ShowIconsOnly
TImageEnMViewStyleShowLargeThumbs Large Thumb View Display large thumbnails Style TopText, InfoText, BottomText, FixGaps, ThumbnailZoom, BoldFilename
TImageEnMViewStyleShowFileList File List View Display file list Style Text, FixGaps, ThumbnailSize, ShowIconsOnly
TImageEnMViewShowColumn Show Column Show or hide columns when Style is iemsColumns Column -
Note: Style actions can also be used with TImageEnLayerMView

Sort Actions

Action Name Description Associated Method Extra Properties
TImageEnMViewSortByFilename Sort by Filename Sort by Filename Sort -
TImageEnMViewSortByFileType Sort by FileType Sort by FileType Sort -
TImageEnMViewSortByFileSize Sort by FileSize Sort by FileSize Sort -
TImageEnMViewSortByCreateDate Sort by CreateDate Sort by CreateDate Sort -
TImageEnMViewSortByEditDate Sort by EditDate Sort by EditDate Sort -
TImageEnMViewSortByImageSize Sort by ImageSize Sort by ImageSize Sort -
TImageEnMViewSortByOther Sort by Other Sort by Other Sort SortBy
TImageEnMViewSortAscending Sort Ascending Sort Ascending Sort -
TImageEnMViewSortDescending Sort Descending Sort Descending Sort -

Proc Actions

Action Name Description Associated Method Extra Properties
TImageEnMViewDoPreviews Do Effects Display the Effects dialog for editing and enhancing the image (all or a specific effect) DoPreviews Effects, AutoSaveChanges, OverrideJpegQuality, AutoSaveError
TImageEnMViewDoAdjustPreviews Adjust Colors Peform color enhancement functions on the selected image DoPreviews(ppeColorAdjustments) AutoSaveChanges, OverrideJpegQuality, AutoSaveError
TImageEnMViewDoEffectPreviews Image Effects Perform effects on the selected image DoPreviews(ppeSpecialEffects) AutoSaveChanges, OverrideJpegQuality, AutoSaveError
TImageEnMViewDoEditPreviews Edit Image Perform editing functions on the image: rotate, resize, crop, etc. DoPreviews(ppeEditingFunctions) AutoSaveChanges, OverrideJpegQuality, AutoSaveError
TImageEnMViewPromptToResize Prompt to Resize Display the previews dialog to allow the user to resample (resize) the image DoPreviews ResampleFilter, AutoSaveChanges, OverrideJpegQuality, AutoSaveError
TImageEnMViewPromptToRotate Prompt to Rotate Display the previews dialog to allow the user to rotate the image to a custom angle DoPreviews AntiAliasMode, AutoSaveChanges, OverrideJpegQuality, AutoSaveError
TImageEnMViewFlipHorizontal Flip Horizontal Flip the selected image from top to bottom Flip AutoSaveChanges, AutoSaveError
TImageEnMViewFlipVertical Flip Vertical Flip the selected image from left to right Flip AutoSaveChanges, AutoSaveError
TImageEnMViewRotateRight Rotate Right Rotate the selected image 90 clockwise Rotate AutoSaveChanges, AutoSaveError
TImageEnMViewRotate180 Rotate 180 Rotate the selected image 180 clockwise Rotate AutoSaveChanges, AutoSaveError
TImageEnMViewRotateLeft Rotate Left Rotate the selected image 90 counter-clockwise Rotate AutoSaveChanges, AutoSaveError
TImageEnMViewCutToClipboard Cut Copy the current image to the clipboard and remove it CopyToClipboard -
TImageEnMViewCopyToClipboard Copy Copy the current image to the clipboard CopyToClipboard -
TImageEnMViewPasteFromClipboard Paste Paste an image from the clipboard PasteFromClipboard -
Note: if AutoSaveChanges is true then any editing actions applied to the thumbnail will be saved to the underlying file (without prompting). For rotation and flipping of JPEGs lossless functions will be used where possible, otherwise JPEG's will be saved with the JPEG_Quality specified in the item's Params or can be overriden with OverrideJpegQuality. If an error is encountered an AutoSaveError event will occur.

IO Actions

Action Name Description Associated Method Extra Properties
TImageEnMViewPromptToOpen Open Load an image from file ExecuteOpenDialog, LoadFromFile MultiSelect, DialogTitle, DefaultFilter, LimitToFileType
TImageEnMViewPromptToAdd Add from File Add an image to the grid from file ExecuteOpenDialog, AppendImage -
TImageEnMViewPromptToFill Select Folder Select a folder of images and fill the control FillFromDirectory FileTypes, FilterMask, ClearContent
TImageEnMViewSave Save Save changes to this image to file SaveToFile -
TImageEnMViewPromptToSave Save as Save this image to a new filename ExecuteSaveDialog, SaveToFile DialogTitle, DefaultFilter, LimitToFileType
TImageEnMViewDoIOPreviews Save Properties Specify advanced properties for all images DoPreviews PreviewParams
TImageEnMViewDoIOPreviewsSelected Image Save Properties Specify advanced properties for the selected image DoPreviews PreviewParams
TImageEnMViewDoPrintPreviewDialog Print Preview Display a preview of your printing DoPrintPreviewDialog -
TImageEnMViewDoSavePreviewDialog Save Contact Sheets Save images as contact sheets DoSavePreviewDialog -
TImageEnMViewPrintImageNormal Print Print the selected image at its original size PrintImage -
TImageEnMViewPrintImageFitToPage Print to Page Print the selected image to fit the page PrintImage -
TImageEnMViewPrintSelectedThumbnails Print Thumbnails Print the selected images as a sheet of thumbnails PrintImages ColumnCount, RowCount
TImageEnMViewPrintAllThumbnails Print All Thumbnails Print all images of the grid as a sheet of thumbnails PrintImages ColumnCount, RowCount
TImageEnMViewSelectAcquireSource Select Acquisition Source Select the camera or scanner to acquire images from SelectAcquireSource Apis
TImageEnMViewAcquire Acquire Retrieve images from a camera or scanner Acquire -
TImageEnMViewSeekFirst First Frame Select the first frame Seek, SelectSeek -
TImageEnMViewSeekPrior Previous Frame Select the previous frame Seek, SelectSeek -
TImageEnMViewSeekNext Next Frame Select the next frame Seek, SelectSeek -
TImageEnMViewSeekLast Last Frame Select the last frame Seek, SelectSeek -