ImageEn, unit iexActionsVect

TImageEnVect Actions

ImageEn includes a large set of actions for ImageEnVect, ImageEnView, ImageEnView Layers and ImageEnMView components to allow you to rapidly develop your UI (and instantly localize in twenty-five languages).

To use actions:

1. Add a TActionList component to your form
2. Double-click your TActionList to open it
3. Select "New Standard Action"
4. Scroll down to the ImageEnVect actions, select the ones you require and click OK
5. Assign the actions to menu items and buttons


Demo  Demos\XLegacy_Demos\VectorEditor\Actions_Vect\VectActions.dpr


 You must set the ImageEnVect property of the actions
 The ActionType property advises whether the control only performs a function (ieaButton), toggles a state (ieaCheckbox), or changes between multiple states (ieaRadioButton)
 You can set MsgLanguage to localize the actions
 Some actions include shortcuts. The VCL does not allow these to be cleared at design-time. Disable them at run-time as follows: ImageEnVect1PromptToOpen1.ShortCut := 0;
 See the list of the default ImageIndexes if you are planning to add graphics to your actions

General Actions

Action Name Description Associated Method Extra Properties
TImageEnVectAutoShrink Auto-Shrink Display large images at the window size AutoShrink -
TImageEnVectAutoStretch Auto-Stretch Display small images at the window size AutoStretch -
TImageEnVectClear Clear Clear this image RemoveAllObjects, RemoveAllObjects -
TImageEnVectFit Fit Image Display the image at the size of the window Fit -
TImageEnVectFitToHeight Fit Image to Height Display the image at the height of the window FitToHeight -
TImageEnVectFitToWidth Fit Image to Width Display the image at the width of the window FitToWidth -
TImageEnVectZoomIn Zoom In Display the image larger ZoomIn -
TImageEnVectZoomOut Zoom Out Display the image smaller ZoomOut -
TImageEnVectZoomFullSize Zoom to Full Size Display the image at full size Zoom -
TImageEnVectSetZoom Zoom to x% Display the image at x% Zoom Zoom Zoom
TImageEnVectCopyToClipboard Copy Image Copy image to the clipboard CopyToClipboard -

IO Actions

Action Name Description Associated Method Extra Properties
TImageEnVectPromptToOpen Open Load an image from file ExecuteOpenDialog, LoadFromFileIEV, LoadFromFileALL, ImportDXF, LoadFromFile DialogTitle, DefaultFilter, LimitToFileType
TImageEnVectPromptToSave Save as Save this image to a new filename ExecuteSaveDialog, SaveToFileIEV, SaveToFileALL, SaveToFile DialogTitle, DefaultFilter, LimitToFileType
TImageEnVectDoIOPreviews Save Properties Specify advanced properties for this image DoPreviews PreviewParams
TImageEnVectDoPrintPreviewDialog Print Preview Display a preview of this image for printing DoPrintPreviewDialog DialogType
TImageEnVectPrintImageNormal Print Print this image at its original size PrintImage -
TImageEnVectPrintImageFitToPage Print to Page Print this image to fit the page PrintImage -

Object Actions

Action Name Description Associated Method Extra Properties
TImageEnVectObjCopyToClipboard Copy Copy the selected object to the clipboard ObjCopyToClipboard -
TImageEnVectObjCutToClipboard Cut Move the selected object to the clipboard ObjCutToClipboard -
TImageEnVectObjPasteFromClipboard Paste Paste object from the clipboard ObjPasteFromClipboard -
TImageEnVectSelAllObjects Select All Select all objects of image SelAllObjects -
TImageEnVectUnSelAllObjects Deselect All Deselect all objects UnSelAllObjects -
TImageEnVectRotateObjectRight Rotate Right Rotate the selected object 90 clockwise RotateObject -
TImageEnVectRotateObject180 Rotate 180 Rotate the selected object 180 clockwise RotateObject -
TImageEnVectRotateObjectLeft Rotate Left Rotate the selected object 90 counter-clockwise RotateObject -
TImageEnVectCropImageToObjects Crop Image to Objects Resize the image to match all of the objects that it contains ObjectsExtents -
TImageEnVectMergeAllToBackground Merge All to Background Merge all objects with the background layer CopyObjectsToBack, RemoveAllObjects -
TImageEnVectMergeObjToBackground Merge to Background Merge the selected object with the background layer CopyObjectToBack, RemoveObject -
TImageEnVectObjBringToFront Bring to Front Position the selected object in front of all other objects SetObjFrontOf -
TImageEnVectObjBringForward Bring Forward Move the selected object forward SetObjFrontOf -
TImageEnVectObjSendToBack Send to Back Position the selected object behind all other objects SetObjBackTo -
TImageEnVectObjSendBackward Send Backwards Move the selected object backward SetObjBackTo -
TImageEnVectRemoveObject Delete Remove the selected object from the image RemoveObject -
TImageEnVectRemoveAllObjects Delete All Remove all objects from the image RemoveAllObjects -
TImageEnVectObjUndo Undo Undo the last edit ObjUndo -

Mouse Actions

Action Name Description Associated Method Extra Properties
TImageEnVectMouseVtArea Measure Area Measure a rectangular area miArea -
TImageEnVectMouseVtLineLen Measure Length Measure the distance between two points miLineLen -
TImageEnVectMouseVtPutLine Insert Line Add a line object miPutLine -
TImageEnVectMouseVtPutBox Insert Rectangle Add an rectangular object miPutBox -
TImageEnVectMouseVtPutEllipse Insert Ellipse Add an ellipical object miPutEllipse -
TImageEnVectMouseVtPutBitmap Insert Image Add an image object miPutBitmap -
TImageEnVectMouseVtPutText Insert Text Add a text object miPutText -
TImageEnVectMouseVtObjectSelect Select Select or resize an object miObjectSelect -
TImageEnVectMouseVtDragLen Measure Distance Dynamically measure a distance miDragLen -
TImageEnVectMouseVtPutRuler Insert Ruler Add a ruler object miPutRuler -
TImageEnVectMouseVtPutPolyLine Insert Polyline Free-hand paint an open polygon miPutPolyLine -
TImageEnVectMouseVtPutAngle Insert Angle Add an angle measurement object miPutAngle -
TImageEnVectMouseVtPutMemo Insert Memo Add a multi line text object miPutMemo -
TImageEnVectMouseVtPutLineLabel Insert Label with Line Add a new label object with a line miPutLineLabel -
TImageEnVectMouseVtEditPolyline Edit Polyline Edit points of a polyline miEditPolyline -
TImageEnVectMouseVtUnStampMode Unstamp Single-clicking will not insert a new object" miUnStampMode -
TImageEnVectMouseMovingScroll Scroll to Cursor Move the mouse to scroll the image miMovingScroll -
TImageEnVectMouseScroll Scroll Image Click the image and drag the mouse to scroll miScroll -
TImageEnVectMouseSelect Rectangular Select Select a rectangular area of your image miSelect -
TImageEnVectMouseSelectCircle Circular Select Select a circular area of your image miSelectCircle -
TImageEnVectMouseSelectLasso Lasso Select Perform an irregular selection of your image by dragging the mouse miSelectLasso -
TImageEnVectMouseSelectMagicWand Select by Color (using Magic Wand) Select a portion of your image of a similar color miSelectMagicWand -
TImageEnVectMouseSelectChromaKey Select by Color (using Chroma Key) Select a portion of your image of a similar color miSelectChromaKey -
TImageEnVectMouseSelectPolygon Polygon Select Perform an irregular selection of your image by clicking the mouse miSelectPolygon -
TImageEnVectMouseSelectZoom Zoom to Selection Select an area of the image to zoom into miSelectZoom -
TImageEnVectMouseZoom Zoom Left-click the image to Zoom In. Right-click to Zoom Out miZoom -