ImageEn, unit iemview




property DefaultBottomText: TIEImageEnMViewDefaultText;


The text that will display below the thumbnail (below DefaultInfoText) for images that do not have a value specified for ImageBottomText.

TImageEnMView Default: iedtNone
TImageEnFolderMView Default: iedtFilename
TImageEnLayerMView Default: iedtNone

You can also set: DefaultTopText and DefaultInfoText
Or alternatively, use TextColumns to specify a selection of visible columns.


// Display the filename and details for each image
ImageEnMView1.DefaultImageTopText := iedtFilename;
ImageEnMView1.DefaultImageInfoText := iedtImageDimensions;
ImageEnMView1.DefaultImageBottomText := iedtFileEditDateAndSize;

// Replace existing bottom text and display the file date and size
for I := 0 to ImageEnMView1.ImageCount - 1 do
  ImageEnMView1.ImageBottomText[ i ] := '' ;
ImageEnMView1.DefaultImageBottomText := iedtFileEditDateAndSize;

// Change the layer display text for TImageEnLayerMView
IELayerMView1.DefaultTopText    := iedtLayerName;
IELayerMView1.DefaultInfoText   := iedtLayerKind;
IELayerMView1.DefaultBottomText := iedtLayerDescription;

// Fill with images from a folder and apply text values
ImageEnMView1.FillFromDirectory( 'C:\Images\', iefAllImages, '', True, iedtNone, iedtNone, iedtNone );
ImageEnMView1.DefaultTopText    := iedtFilename;
ImageEnMView1.DefaultInfoText   := iedtNone;
ImageEnMView1.DefaultBottomText := iedtImageDimAndSize;

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