ImageEn, unit iemview




property StoreType: TIEStoreType;


Specifies how image used by the TImageEnMView component are stored in memory (as full size images or thumbnails at their display size).

Value Description
ietNormal The full bitmap is kept in memory
ietThumb A sub-sampled copy of the bitmap is kept in memory (of the size specified by ThumbWidth and ThumbHeight)
ietFastThumb Only the cached image of the display thumbnail is held in memory. If the thumbnail is cleared from the cache it will need to be reloaded
Note: When using ietThumb or ietFastThumb, image meta-data will not be loaded unless ieixWantParams is enabled

Default: ietNormal (TImageEnMView), ietFastThumb (TImageEnFolderMView), ietThumb (TImageEnLayerMView)

ietThumb vs ietFastThumb

When using ietFastThumb, creation of the thumbnail is delayed until it is shown on screen. Prior to this a full size image of each frame may be held in memory. For this reason ietFastThumb should not be used unless thumbnail frames are being loaded on demand (or there are not a large number of off-screen frames).
ietFastThumb can improve the quality of thumbnails, particularly when using ImageInfoText and ThumbnailClipping. It cannot be used if you have disabled image caching.
If you use ietFastThumb then you should significantly increase the ImageCacheSize to something larger, such as 200.