ImageEn, unit imageenview




property AutoToolbars: TIEViewModes;


Enables toolbars which display automatically when relevant.

The following toolbars are available:
 Image Editing Toolbar
 Image Selection Toolbar
 Image Viewing Toolbar
 Layer Editing Toolbar
 Layer Selection Toolbar
 PDF Editing Toolbar
 PDF Viewing Toolbar

Only one toolbar is displayed at a time. Preference is decided as follows:
 PDF Editing Toolbar: If ievPdfEditing is included
 PDF Viewing Toolbar: If ievPdfViewing is included
 Layer Selection Toolbar: If ievLayerSelection is included and a layer is selected
 Image Selection Toolbar: If ievSelection is included and the image is selected
 Layer Editing Toolbar: If ievLayerEditing is included
 Image Editing Toolbar: If ievEditing is included
 Image Viewing Toolbar: If ievViewing is included

It is generally used in one of the following configurations:
 Image Viewing: ImageEnView1.AutoToolbars := [ ievViewing ];
 Image Editing: ImageEnView1.AutoToolbars := [ ievEditing, ievSelection ];
 Layer Editing: ImageEnView1.AutoToolbars := [ ievLayerEditing, ievLayerSelection ];
 PDF Viewing: ImageEnView1.AutoToolbars := [ ievPdfViewing ];
 PDF Editing: ImageEnView1.AutoToolbars := [ ievPdfEditing ];

Default: [] (No hover toolbars)

 To embed the toolbar rather than have it hover, use a TImageEnViewToolbar
 The toolbar is only displayed when the TImageEnView is the active control
 To control the hover toolbar for editing a rich text layer, use loShowRichTextToolbar of LayerOptions
 Delphi 2006 and older: Hover toolbars should only be used on the main form. On secondary forms the toolbar may stay in front of other applications


Demo  Demos\Other\ImageEnViewToolbar\IEToolbar.dpr
Demo  Demos\Other\PdfViewerToolbar\PdfViewerToolbar.dpr


// Display toolbar with buttons relevant to viewing images
ImageEnView1.AutoToolbars := [ ievViewing ];

// Display toolbar with buttons relevant to editing images. If a selection is made the toolbar changes to selection related methods
ImageEnView1.AutoToolbars := [ ievEditing, ievSelection ];

// Only display a toolbar when the image is selected
ImageEnView1.AutoToolbars := [ ievSelection ];

// Display toolbar with buttons relevant to editing layers. If a layer is selected the toolbar changes to methods for the selected layer
ImageEnView1.AutoToolbars := [ ievLayerEditing, ievLayerSelection ];

// Show only zoom, seek and print buttons at top of TImageEnView
IEGlobalSettings().ImageViewingToolbar.Buttons := [ ivbImageSeek, ivbImagePrint, ivbImageZoom ];
IEGlobalSettings().ImageViewingToolbar.Position := iepAbove;
ImageEnView1.AutoToolbars := [ ievViewing ];

// When the image is selected, show clipboard buttons beneath the selection
IEGlobalSettings().ImageSelectionToolbar.Buttons := [ ivbImageClipboard ];
IEGlobalSettings().ImageSelectionToolbar.Position := iepBelowSelection;
ImageEnView1.AutoToolbars := [ ievSelection ];

// When a layer is selected, show style controls beneath
IEGlobalSettings().LayerSelectionToolbar.Buttons := [ ivbImageClipboard ];
IEGlobalSettings().LayerSelectionToolbar.Position := iepBelowSelection;
ImageEnView1.AutoToolbars := [ ivbLayersStyle, ivbLayersProps ];