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procedure GetSelectionGripStyle(var GripColor1: TColor; var GripColor2: TColor; var GripBrushStyle: TBrushStyle; var GripSize: integer; var ExtendedGrips: boolean; var Shape: TIEGripShape); overload;
function GetSelectionGripStyle(): TIEGripStyle; overload;


Returns properties for the appearance of selection grips.
Parameter Description
GripColor1 Grip border color (Default: clBlack)
GripColor2 Grip brush color (Default: $9DF5FF - Pale Yellow)
GripBrushStyle Grip Brush style (Default: bsSolid)
GripSize Radius of the grip in pixels (Default: 5)
ExtendedGrips If true, side grips are drawn (instead of just corner grips) (Default: true)
Shape Shape of grip (Default: iegsCircle)

Use SetSelectionGripStyle to set current values.

See Also

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