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procedure SetSelectionGripStyle(GripColor1: TColor = clBlack; GripColor2: TColor = clWhite; GripBrushStyle: TBrushStyle = bsSolid; GripSize: integer = 5; ExtendedGrips: boolean = true; Shape: TIEGripShape = iegsCircle); overload;
procedure SetSelectionGripStyle(GripStyle: TIEGripStyle); overload;


Specifies the appearance of selection grips.
Parameter Description Default
GripColor1 Grip border color clBlack
GripColor2 Grip brush color $9DF5FF - Pale Yellow
GripBrushStyle Grip Brush style bsSolid
GripSize Radius of the grip in pixels 5
ExtendedGrips If true, side grips are drawn for rectangular selections (instead of just corner grips) and corner grips are drawn for elliptical and polygonal selections (instead of just side grips) true
Shape Shape of grip iegsCircle

Use GetSelectionGripStyle to retrieve the current values.


ImageEnView1.SetSelectionGripStyle(clWhite, clWhite, bsSolid, 5, true, iegsCircle);

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