ImageEn, unit imageenview




property LayersCaching: Integer;


Whether a cached view of every layer is stored in memory.
Layer caching speeds up display (and access to Bitmap), but uses more memory.

Supported values:
Value Description
-1 A cached view is stored for each layers. This provides the best performance, but can use a lot of memory if there are many layers
0 No cached views of layers are stored. This uses the least memory
>0 Specifies a maximum number of cached views to store

Default: 0

Layer Performance Properties

To improve the performance in layer applications, consider the following properties:
 LayersCaching: Caches the view of each layer. Much faster but uses more memory.
 LayersFastDrawing: Display quality of layers (and whether the quality view is delayed).
 LayerFastDrawingEffects specifies which features are disabled while fast drawing.
 ZoomFilter/DelayZoomFilter: Display quality of images (and whether the quality view is delayed). This option is ignored if LayersFastDrawing is active
 LayersRotationUseFilterOnPreview: Whether the quality filter (LayersRotationFilter) is previewed without applying the rotation

Review the Demos\LayerEditing\Layers_AllTypes\ demo for example code.


// Cache all layers
ImageEnView1.LayersCaching := -1;

// Cache a maximum of 30 layers
ImageEnView1.LayersCaching := 30;

// Disable all layer caching
ImageEnView1.LayersCaching := 0;

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