ImageEn, unit iesettings




property LayerFastDrawingEffects: TIELayerFastDrawingEffects;


Specify which features and disabled when LayersFastDrawing is enabled.

Value Description
ieleNoAntiAlias Shapes and lines are not drawn with AntiAlias
ieleNoImageFilters Zoom filters are not used for display (ZoomFilter and ResampleFilter)
ieleNoFeathering Does not render AlphaEdgeFeathering
ieleNoMasks Masks are not applied to layers
ieleNoRotationFilter Rotation filters are not shown
ieleNoSoftShadows Does not render SoftShadow or InnerGlow
ieleNoTextSmoothing Text is not drawn with smoothing and AntiAlias

ieleNoUpdateWhileSizing is a special case. If ieleNoUpdateWhileSizing is included, LayersFastDrawing will be constantly enabled while moving or sizing a layer (image will be constantly fast drawn). If not included, when you pause during moving/size, the image will be drawn at full quality.

Default: [ieleNoAntiAlias, ieleNoImageFilters, ieleNoFeathering, ieleNoMasks, ieleNoRotationFilter, ieleNoSoftShadows, ieleNoUpdateWhileSizing]

Layer Performance Properties

To improve the performance in layer applications, consider the following properties:
 LayersCaching: Caches the view of each layer. Much faster but uses more memory.
 LayersFastDrawing: Display quality of layers (and whether the quality view is delayed).
 LayerFastDrawingEffects specifies which features are disabled while fast drawing.
 ZoomFilter/DelayZoomFilter: Display quality of images (and whether the quality view is delayed). This option is ignored if LayersFastDrawing is active
 LayersRotationUseFilterOnPreview: Whether the quality filter (LayersRotationFilter) is previewed without applying the rotation


// Don't draw masks immediately when editing layers
IEGlobalSettings().LayerFastDrawingEffects := IEGlobalSettings().LayerFastDrawingEffects + [ ieleMasks ];
ImageEnView1.LayersFastDrawing := iefDelayed;