ImageEn, unit imageenview




function LayersNewLayerDialog(LayerKind: TIELayerKind; PromptForImage: Boolean = False; InsertPos: Integer = -1): Boolean;


Create a layer and prompt the user to specify its properties. If the user cancels out, the layer is removed.
If PromptForImage is enabled and LayerKind=ielkImage, then the user is prompted to browse for an image file to load.
InsertPos specifies the index of the new layer.

- You can use DefaultLayerShape to specify a default shape or DefaultLayerText for default text
- The size of the dialog are specified by: LayerPropertiesDialogWidth and LayerPropertiesDialogHeight


// Prompt the user to browse for an image and then set its properties dialog
ImageEnView1.LayersNewLayerDialog( ielkImage, True );

// Prompt the user to specify properties for a new shape layer
ImageEnView1.LayersNewLayerDialog( ielkShape );

See Also

- LayersShowPropertiesDialog
- OnShowDialog