ImageEn, unit imageenview




procedure SelectMagicWand(x, y: Integer; Op: TIESelOp);


Selects an irregular region that has similar colors.

It uses the following properties:
- MagicWandMode
- MagicWandSize
- MagicWandTolerance
- MagicWandMaxFilter

Parameter Description
x Starting horizontal coordinate
y Starting vertical coordinate
Op If Op is iespReplace the region replaces the existing selection, otherwise if Op is iespAdd, the region is appended to the existing selection

- If SelectionBase = iesbClientArea then x and y are assumed to be visible points on the control. If iesbBitmap, the points specify a position on the bitmap.
- This is the programmatic equivalent of setting miSelectMagicWand in MouseInteractGeneral
- MagicWandMode determines the nature of the magic wand selection. For iewInclusive a "vectorized" selection is created (i.e. the selection will be made up of a series of lines and can be accessed via PolySel). For other types a "bitmap" selection is used (to determine whether specific pixels are selected, use IsPointInsideSelection)


ImageEnView1.SelectMagicWand(10, 10, iespReplace);

See Also

- SelectionBase
- SelectionIntensity
- SelectColors
- SelectChromaKey