ImageEn, unit ieopensavedlg




property ModernDialog: Boolean;


When enabled, a standard Windows dialog is used in place of the ImageEn dialog. The Windows dialog has more modern styling, but you will lose some imaging features.

The following are not available when ModernDialog is used:
- You will not get an "Advanced" button to configure image properties when saving (sdShowAdvanced)
- You will get a standard Windows Preview instead of an ImageEn preview with advanced image support and information (sdShowPreview)
- Some advanced image formats do not show in the preview (unsupported by Windows)
- Preview is not available when saving

The following properties have no effect:
Published Property  AlwaysAnimate
Published Property  AttachedImageEnIO
Published Property  AutoAdjustDPI
Published Property  ExOptions
Published Property  ExtendedDialog
Published Property  FileView
Published Property  FilteredAdjustDPI
Published Property  GetExifThumbnail
Public Property  InfoPanel
Public Property  PicturePanel
Published Property  PreviewBorderStyle
Published Property  PreviewSize
Public Property  SelectedFrame
Published Property  ShowAllFrames
Published Property  ShowPlacesBar
Published Property  ZoomFilter
Event  OnCreateCustomControls
Event  OnDestroyCustomControls
Event  OnPreviewFile

- To use Windows dialogs for internal Open/Save dialogs, enable UseWindowsOpenSaveDialogs
- ModernDialog is recommended if your application will be scaled (i.e. display is not 100%)

Default: False


// Display standard ImageEn style style dialog (default)
OpenImageEnDialog1.ModernDialog := False;

// Convert TOpenImageEnDialog to use modern Windows style dialog
OpenImageEnDialog1.ModernDialog := True;