ImageEn, unit ieopensavedlg



TOpenImageEnDialog = class(TIECommonDialog);


Displays a modal Windows dialog box for selecting and opening image files. It includes all properties, methods and events of the standard TOpenDialog. It also includes a preview window which displays all ImageEn supported file formats. If the file is an animated GIF, AVI video or a multi page TIFF, all images will be shown in sequence. The "Play" button can be activated to animate the sequence.

Image information is also shown, including dimensions, colors, file type, compression and file size

For more modern styled dialogs, enable ModernDialog (Also see UseWindowsOpenSaveDialogs):

 You can also display an Open dialog for a TImageEnView just by calling ExecuteOpenDialog or for a TImageEnMView by calling ExecuteOpenDialog
 If your application is likely to be scaled (i.e. display is not 100%) it is recommended that you enable ModernDialog


// Browse for an image in the My Pictures folder and display it in an ImageEnView
OpenImageEnDialog1.InitialDir := WindowsMyPicturesFolder();
If OpenImageEnDialog1.Execute then
  ImageEnView1.LoadFromFile( OpenImageEnDialog1.Filename );

// Prompt user to insert multiple images into a TImageEnMView
OpenImageEnDialog1.Options := OpenImageEnDialog1.Options + [ofAllowMultiSelect];
if OpenImageEnDialog1.Execute then
  ImageEnMView1.FillFromList( OpenImageEnDialog1.Files );

// Display only the first frame of videos and multi-frame images. This can improve performance
OpenImageEnDialog1.ShowAllFrames := False;

Methods and Properties

Published Property  AlwaysAnimate
Published Property  AutoAdjustDPI
Published Property  AutoSetFilter
Published Property  AutoSetFilterFileType
Public Method  Execute
Published Property  ExtendedDialog
Published Property  ExtendedFilters
Published Property  Filename
Public Property  Files
Published Property  FileView
Published Property  Filter
Published Property  FilteredAdjustDPI
Published Property  FilterDefault
Published Property  FilterIndex
Published Property  GetExifThumbnail
Public Property  InfoPanel
Published Property  ModernDialog
Published Property  Options
Public Property  PicturePanel
Published Property  PreviewBorderStyle
Published Property  PreviewSize
Public Property  SelectedFrame
Published Property  ShowAllFrames
Published Property  ShowFormats
Published Property  ShowPlacesBar
Published Property  ZoomFilter


Event  OnCreateCustomControls
Event  OnDestroyCustomControls
Event  OnPreviewFile

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