ImageEn, unit iexMetaHelpers




function WriteGridToExif(IOParams : TIOParams) : Boolean; overload;
function WriteGridToExif(const sFilename : string) : Boolean; overload;


Write the changes made by a user to EXIF values in a TStringGrid (which was filled using NewGridForExif or ReadGridFromExif) to the current image or an image file.
Result is true if any changes were made to the EXIF properties (i.e. a result of false means the TStringGrid EXIF content matches the file).

- For first overload, only the TIOParams is updated, the changes are not saved to file.
- For the second overload, the file must already exist! If no changes were made to the EXIF data then the file is not modified


// Write changes to EXIF properties of the current image, and ask if the user wants to save changes if any fields were modified
if MyExifStringGrid.WriteGridToExif( ImageEnView1.IO.Params ) then

// write EXIF changes to a file
MyExifStringGrid.WriteGridToExif( 'D:\MyImage.jpeg' );