What's New

VERSION 10.3.5

New Features

- Added: New analysis method to calculate the percentage transparency of an image
- Added: TImageEnFolderMView blocks illegal characters when renaming files
- Added: Can specify the draw size when outputting PDF pages to bitmap, canvas, etc.
- Added: PTP support added to TImageEnFolderMView
- Added: Can specify the painting color when using iebEraser brush tool
- Added: Can specify that layers are not scaled by zooming
- Added: Double-clicking of items in Acquire Selection dialog
- Added: Refresh method for DirectShow
- Added: Improved caching of frames by TImageEnIO to speed up animated GIF loading
- Added: Custom items can be added to ImageEn hover toolbars and popup menu
- Added: Default DPI can be specified for the PDF Viewer
- Added: Completed translation of Farsi and Serbian (mostly machine translated)
- Added: Progress while loading and saving TImageEnMView Snapshots
- Added: Checks alpha channel is used when saving TIFF
- Added: Frame color of the selected page in PdfViewer can be specified
- Added: TImageEnVect.CopyObjectTo supports layers and moving
- Added: Landscape page layouts can be specified when saving PDF files
- Added: Now reads 8bit JPEG with arithmetic encoding, used in DICOM (requires IELib)
- Added: More detailed WIC errors
- Added: Now supports more Canon CR3 files by falling back to high quality embedded JPEG
- Added: Support for JPEG "Tech Note 2" encoded TIFF files

Bug Fixes

- Fixed: TIEEquirectangularRenderer does not support GetSegment()
- Fixed: TImageEnFolderMView.CopySelectedFilesToClipboard() may fail
- Fixed: Invalid size shown in TImageEnMView hover hint when only filenames displayed
- Fixed: Invalid size shown in TImageEnMView for PDF files
- Fixed: TIEFolderTree.SelectSpecialFolder may be unreliable
- Fixed: TImageEnLayerMView content not cleared when remove attached TImageEnView
- Fixed: Russian localization error
- Fixed: Some display values do not round adequately
- Fixed: Stretch to Page printing still maintains AR
- Fixed: WPD does not support some device types
- Fixed: WPD prevents use of extended length filenames
- Fixed: MaintainInvisibleImages may function incorrectly for TImageEnMView
- Fixed: Some issues undefining components
- Fixed: "Invalid Floating Point Operation" with some HD TIFF files
- Fixed: Lower threshold for converting pixels to alpha when converting from 8bit to 1bit alpha PNG
- Fixed: TImageEnMView.LoadSnapshot cannot load files larger than 2GB
- Fixed: TImageEnVect cleans up better after loading fails on corrupted files
- Fixed: TImageEnVect free user memory data if loading fails on corrupted files
- Fixed: A/V if DBComboBox on same form as ImageEn TActions
- Fixed: Issue loading J2K DICOM files with ielib
- Fixed: Some DICOM display issues
- Fixed: EXIF time stamps adjusted to UTC
- Fixed: Floating point error in rare JPEG save situation
- Fixed: PDF paper size not set when rasterizing PDF
- Fixed: Error if re-use TImageEnIO/TImageEnProc.AttachedBitmap

Changes to Classes

- Added: TImageEnProc.CalcImageTransparency()
- Added: TIOPrintPreviewParams.Reset()

Demo Changes

- Added: Toolbar demo shows adding custom items to popup menus (\Demos\Other\ImageEnViewToolbar\IEToolbar.dpr)
- Added: Many improvements to Batch editing demo (\Demos\InputOutput\BatchConvert\BatchConvert.dpr)
- Added: Many improvements to Cells and Grid editing demo (\Demos\Other\CellsAndGrid\CellsAndGrid.dpr)
- Added: Completed redo of Icon Editor demo (\Demos\ImageEditing\IconEditor\IconEditor.dpr)
- New: Lossless Rotation and Cropping demo (\Demos\ImageEditing\LosslessJpegEdit\Lossless.dpr)
- Added: Many improvements to Threaded Processing Demo (\Demos\ImageEditing\ThreadedProcessing\ThreadTest.dpr)
- Removed: Deprecated all unofficial demos (See:

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