What's New

Version 11.4.5

New Features

- Added: MP4 is a supported format
- Added: Google Vision API can be used on older Delphi versions (requires own REST components)
- Added: Google maps can be drawn up to 1280x1280
- Added: Can prevent deselection of all layers in TImageEnView
- Added: Display units for Print Preview and other dialogs can be set globally
- Added: Can specify PDF properties in TImageEnIO.DoPreviews()
- Added: Brush tool cursor can be a preview of the brush
- Added: TIEDBMultiBitmap.OnGetSaveParams event to add custom parameters when saving to blob
- Added: miSelect and mlMoveLayers can be used together
- Added: When layers are deleted, related undo information is also cleared
- Added: Image can be used as cursor for TImageEnView
- Added: Resizing cursors are rotated to match layer rotation
- Added: Acquisition can be aborted when scanning multiple pages
- Added: ImageEnView layers now store a modification date
- Added: PDFium methods that are unused by ImageEn are now undefined
- Added: String parameter and other optimizations
- Added: GetFileExtensionsOfType() supports ioAVI, ioWMV and ioMPEG
- Added: Support for monochrome and grayscale alpha images with ImageMagick

Bug Fixes

- Fixed: Hiding negative values in TImageEnView rulers can look incorrect when scaled
- Fixed: Guidelines can look incorrect when hiding negative values and scaling
- Fixed: Blank action does not reset TImageEnView.IsEmpty() state
- Fixed: Setting TImageEnMView.Folder to devices will include USB drives
- Fixed: Some layer actions do not function if loAllowMultiSelect is not specified
- Fixed: Small memory leak in TIEBitmap.Assign()
- Fixed: Broken cursors for TImageEnView.CropTool
- Fixed: Cannot use WPTools PDF plug-in and ImageMagick together (iomscWPPDF clashes with iomscXPM)
- Fixed: Using clipboard to paste files in TImageEnFolderMView will move rather than copy them
- Fixed: Layer Properties dialog restricts layer positions to postive values
- Fixed: Doesn't scroll to current page when enable PdfViewer.ShowAllPages
- Fixed: WindowsSelectDirectory() causes exception in 64bit apps
- Fixed: Layer hint does not hide when move off layer
- Fixed: Issues with DICOM images using RLE encoding
- Fixed: Some form layout and tab issues
- Fixed: No longer raises an run-time error with TTouchKeyboard due to indexed rather than named resources
- Fixed: Typecast exception if save IEV or ALL format from TImageEnView
- Fixed: TImageEnMView.MaintainInvisibleImages may be applied to non-demand images
- Fixed: Date information may not be included in disk cache hash name
- Fixed: Issues with some transition effects

Changes to Classes

- Added: TIEBitmap.OnChanged triggered when loading content

Changes to Method Parameters

- Added: NewAlpha parameter for TImageEnProc.CastColor()

Compatibility Issues

- Changed: Instead of ImageEnView1.IO.DialogsMeasureUnit, use IEGlobalSettings().DialogMeasureUnit
- Changed: Instead of ImageEnMView1.MIO.DialogsMeasureUnit, use IEGlobalSettings().DialogMeasureUnit
- Changed Behavior: ImageEnView1.IO.AcquireParams.SelectSource() raises an exception if no devices are found
- Changed: When using the fill tool, filled pixels are set as fully opaque
- Changed: PDF support via GhostScript must be explicitly specified
- Removed: Disabled support for Google API on Seattle and lower due to clashes with RestComponents230 package
- Changed: By default, the alpha channel is merged when saving J2K natively (because it is not supported when loading)
- Changed: LayersFastDrawing no longer applies unless layer editing is active

Demo Changes

- Added: Automatic PDF Printing demo (Demos\Other\PdfPrinter\PdfPrinter.dpr)
- Added: Added more methods to All Proc Methods demo (Demos\ImageEditing\EveryMethod\EveryMethod.dpr)

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