What's New

Version 13.2.0

New Features

 Added: Creation of PDF documents using PDFium
 Added: PDF Engine property to control how PDF documents are loaded and saved
 Added: Native PDF saving define (IEIncludeNativePDFSaving)
 Added: Do not need to invalidate ImageEnView after changing PDFium objects
 Added: TIEPDFBuilder supports using PDFium for output
 Added: TIEPDFBuilder supports page insertion
 Added: TIEPdfViewer supports page insertion and advanced object editing
 Added: Objects in PDF Viewer can be selected, moved and resized
 Added: Selected object in the PDF Viewer can be removed with the Delete key
 Added: Clipboard and streaming support for PDF Viewer objects
 Added: Optimized TImageEnIO Previews dialog
 Added: TImageEnIO Previews dialog now supports IEGlobalSettings().AutoSetBitDepth
 Added: Can undo color depth changes by TImageEnIO Previews dialog
 Added: General layout improvements to TImageEnIO Previews dialog
 Added: When copying a text layer to the clipboard it includes a text only format
 Added: TIERichEdit font dialog now only applies changed properties
 Added: Some optimizations to TIERichEdit property setters
 Added: XMP and EXIF data is retrieved from PNG files (chunk support)
 Added: Optimized code by returning many orphaned methods and types
 Added: TIOParams.PNG_Chunks
 Added: TFileListBox.SelectedFilename supports filenames from alternative folders
 Added: ImageEn version info displayed in IDE Splash Screen and About Box
 Added: Shape cropping supports automatic aspect ratio adjustment (e.g. forcing a circle or other preferred aspect ratio)
 Added: Updated PDFium to 125.0.6046.0 (includes support for Windows 7)
 Added: Links to ImageEn Help file, demo projects and new releases via the IDE Help menu
 Added: Parsing of Document text using Google Vision
 Added: Debugging Visualizer can show alpha channel separately
 Added: Improved performance of Debugging Visualizer
 Added: Layout improvements to Debugging Visualizer
 Added: Unicode support for some stored properties
 Added: PDF documents can be printed by page indexes
 Added: SelectedOnly parameter for SaveToFileIEN()
 Added: TIEImageEffectsList.Description()
 Added: Swirl effect in TImageEnProc and Previews dialog
 Added: Swirl mode for Retouch tool
 Added: TImageEnProc.GetDominantColor overload to return an array of most common colors in an image
 Added: Some improvements to PDF Viewer popup menu
 Added: iesLink shape supports fill
 Added: IEVision helper methods pre-check for IEVision initialization
 Added: IO and Proc properties available to TIEBitmap via class helpers
 Added: MIO and Proc properties available to TIEMultiBitmap via class helpers

Bug Fixes

 Fixed: Adding an affect to an effect chain via the Previews Dialog may not capture configuration
 Fixed: Font height specified incorrectly with InsertFormattedText()
 Fixed: Some parameters not honored for methods: TImageEnMView.DrawCheckbox(), SevenZip_IsAvailable(), TIEVirtualClippedBitmap.Create(), TImageEnProc.PrepareTransition(), IEDrawGrip(), TImageEnView.LayersNewLayerDialog(), TImageEnView.SelectShape()
 Fixed: TOpenImageEnDialog.Files returns multiple filenames if modern dialog
 Fixed: Default disabled color for TIEColorButton is stored
 Fixed: Error when calling TImageEnMView.Proc if control is empty
 Fixed: Offset PNG loading supported by WIC
 Fixed: 1x1 brush strokes may not show if anti-aliasing is disabled
 Fixed: Cannot load all frames of a JPEG compressed TIFF file if WIC enging is used
 Fixed: IsKnownFormat() does not recognize SVG format even if Vcl.Skia is used
 Fixed: FindFileFormat() does not detect WebP format on Delphi 12 (unless Vcl.Skia is used)
 Fixed: Border width of 0 can prevent advanced GDI+ drawing

Changes to Classes

 Added: TIEPdfViewer.AllowObjectEditing
 Added: TIEPdfViewer.AddPage
 Added: TIEPdfViewer.PageModified
 Added: TPdfObjectList.AddImage
 Added: TPdfObjectList.AddPath
 Added: TPdfObjectList.AddRect
 Added: TPdfObjectList.AddText
 Added: TImageEnMView.OnViewChanging

Changes to Method Parameters

 Added: Exhaustive matching parameter for TImageEnProc.JoinBitmaps()

Demo Changes

 Added: PDFBuilder demo supports using PDFium for output (\Demos\InputOutput\PDFBuilder2\PDFBuilder2.dpr)
 Added: DragDrop support for XMP and EXIF demos (\Demos\InputOutput\EXIF\Exif.dpr)
 Added: New methods added to Every Method demo (Demos\ImageEditing\EveryMethod\EveryMethod.dpr)
 Added: Parsing of document text with Google Vision demo (Demos\InputOutput\GoogleVisionApi\GoogleVisionApi.dpr)
 Added: Many improvements to PDF Object editing demo (\Demos\Other\PDFPageObjects\PDFPageObjects.dpr)
 Added: DragDrop support and other improvements for Image Comparison demo (\Demos\ImageAnalysis\ImagesDiff\ImagesDiff.dpr)
 Added: CompareHistogramWith and DragDrop support for Image Differences demo (\Demos\ImageAnalysis\Compare\Compare.dpr)
 New: Dragging PDF pages to reorder demo (\Demos\Other\PDFPageDragDrop\PDFPageDD.dpr)
 Added: Alpha support and other improvements for Rotate Tool demo (\Demos\ImageEditing\RotateTool\RotateTool.dpr)

Compatibility Issues

 Removed: IEIncludePDFLoading define
 Changed: All defines have been standardized
 Changed: Clipboard includes PNG format by default (for compatibility with MS Paint)
 Removed: ppPCX and ppTGA no longer provide functionality in TImageEnIO.DoPreviews()
 Renamed: Rather than TImageEnIO.InjectJpegEXIFStream, use InjectJpegEXIF
 Renamed: Rather than TImageEnIO.InjectJpegIPTCStream, use InjectJpegIPTC
 Changed: If you are using the shape overload of Crop, check your parameters
 Changed: TIEImageEffect.GetProperty() returns boolean values as false/true, rather than 0/1
 Deprecated: Instead of TImageEnView.SetAlphaRangePixelsColor(), use TImageEnView.IEBitmap.SetColorFromAlpha()
 Deprecated: Instead of TImageEnView.CopyToBitmapWithAlpha(), use TImageEnView.IEBitmap.AssignTo()

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