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IEVision History

IEVision 8.1.1


IEVision 8.1.0

Top Five Enhancements

  1. Support for local neural networks to classify objects, detect text and increase resolution

  2. Searchable PDF documents can now be created without images
  3. New HAAR classifiers: Eye pair, Nose, Mouth, Stop Sign
  4. New method to check successful language loading for OCR
  5. Improved exception messages for OCR


IEVision 8.0.0

Top Five Enhancements

  1. OCR now built on Tesseract 5 for greater performance using less system memory, and improved accuracy, particularly with images of low resolution or contrast
  2. OCR results can be returned in hOCR, ALTO (XML) and text-separated value formats
  3. Other new OCR features including support for Black and White lists, analysis constructor and confidence values
  4. Many enhancements to stitching including new thresholding options and improved performance with documents

  5. Other fixes and improvements


IEVision 7.1.0


IEVision 7.0.0


IEVision 6.0.4


IEVision 6.0.3


IEVision 6.0.1


IEVision 6.0.0

Top Five Enhancements

  1. Orb Feature Detector: Find matching points in a pair of images
  2. Find Homography: Find the alignment matrix between points in a pair of images (e.g. for automatic image alignment)

  3. Warp Perspective: Adjust the perspective of an image based on a matrix
  4. Exposure Fusion: Merge images taken with multiple exposures into a single image

  5. Updated all OCR language files and added OCR script files (e.g. all Latin languages)


IEVision 5.5.0


IEVision 5.4.2


IEVision 5.4.1


IEVision 5.4.0


IEVision 5.3.0


IEVision 5.2.0

  1. New demos: Facial Recognition in a video stream, Blur car number plates
  2. Threshold method now returns the calculated thresholding value
  3. Image Stitcher can now run deterministically (for consistent results)
  4. Uses RandomizedBaseAddress (ASLR) and DataExecutionPrevention (DEP) flags for security
  5. Other improvements and fixes


IEVision 5.1.1


IEVision 5.1.0


IEVision 5.0.0

Top Five Enhancements

  1. Now supports Tesseract 4.0.0 for much more accurate OCR (Error Reduction Statistics: English: 30%, French: 50%, Spanish: 46%, Russian: 79%, Hebrew: 32%, Chinese: 22%, Korean 79%, etc.)
  2. Sixty Languages added to OCR, such as: Armenian, Breton, Corsican, Filipino, Gaelic, Mongolian, Maori, Tongan
  3. New PDF generation class to create searchable (OCRed) PDF documents from images
  4. New OCR properties to detect advanced formatting (Sub/Superscript, dropped caps, etc)
  5. Other improvements and fixes


IEVision 4.5.2


IEVision 4.5.1


IEVision 4.5.0

Top Five Enhancements

  1. New Blob Detector to locate shapes within an image

    Blob Detector

  2. Template Matching now calculates a confidence value for each match
  3. Background Subtractor class supports improved selection methods
  4. TIEVisionImage can now detect lines
  5. Other improvements and fixes


IEVision 4.0.0

Top Five Enhancements

  1. Pattern Matching: Search image for template images

    Pattern Matching

  2. Pattern Matching with Map: Search for template images and return comparison map
  3. Classifier Training: Find objects in an image using positive and negative samples

    Classifier Training

  4. Watershed Selection: Automatic selection using painted markers

    Watershed Selection

  5. Grabcut Selection: Automatically select the main subject within an image


IEVision 3.0.8


IEVision 3.0.7


IEVision 3.0.6


IEVision 3.0.5


IEVision 3.0.4


IEVision 3.0.3


IEVision 3.0.2


IEVision 3.0.1


IEVision 3.0.0

Top Ten Enhancements

  1. Facial Recognition: Detect known faces within images
  2. Panorama stitching: Create a single image from multiple source images

    Panorama stitching

  4. Background Subtraction: Remove the background from videos
  5. Line and Segment Detection: New "Hough Line" methods
  6. Edge Detection: "Canny" algorithm for edge detection
  7. Image Denoising: Clean up images using Non-local Means denoising
  8. Enhanced Blur: New blur algorithm
  9. Image Thresholding: New threshold and adaptive thresholding methods
  10. Image Erosion and Dilation: Now supports morphological image processing


IEVision 2.0.1


IEVision 2.0.0


IEVision 1.0.4

Top Five Enhancements

  1. Support for 30 more OCR languages: Afrikaans, Albanian, Ancient Greek, Arabic, Azerbaijani, Basque, Belarusian, Bengali, Cherokee, Croatian, Esperanto, Estonian, Frankish, Galician, Hebrew, Hindi, Icelandic, Italian (Ancient), Kannada, Macedonian, Malay, Malayalam, Maltese, Middle English (1100-1500), Middle French (ca. 1400-1600), Spanish (Old), Swahili, Tamil, Telugu, Thai
  2. Enhanced OCR accuracy
  3. TIEVisionOCR can now load and detect multiple languages
  4. TIEVisionOCRWordBox now supports much formatting detection properties
  5. OCR is now multi-threaded


IEVision 1.0.3


IEVision 1.0.2


IEVision 1.0.1