ImageEn for Delphi and C++ Builder ImageEn for Delphi and C++ Builder
ImageEn, The most powerful image display and editing library for Delphi and C++ Builder


ImageEn is an extensive component suite for image editing, display and analysis written in pure VCL code for Delphi and C++ Builder, and is also available for .NET.  Thousands of software developers use ImageEn to add powerful multimedia functionality to their applications.  Learn how easy it is to enhance your software with ImageEn!


Rapidly build powerful multimedia applications with ImageEn

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ImageEn News

26 Nov. 18  ImageEn 8.1.2 released with 10.3 Rio support, enhancements to TIELayerMView, Layer Properties dialog and more
2 Oct. 18  New demo: ImageEnMView Preview
1 Oct. 18  ImageEn 8.1.1 released with TImageEnView buttons, improved dialog styling and more
1 Oct. 18  Trial editions now available for ImageEn and IEVision
1 Oct. 18  V4.5.2 update to IEVision, Advanced Plug-In for ImageEn, released
27 Sep. 18  New demo: Multi-Page Image Loading
17 Sep. 18  ImageEn 8.1.0 released with Layer Display component, contact sheet saving, thumbnail buttons and much more
14 Sep. 18  Six new demos: Thumbnail Buttons, Text Layers, Threaded Processing 2, Advanced PDF Builder, Flood Fill Tool and Make Transparent
10 Jul. 18  ImageEn updated to 8.0.1 to improve WIC features, layer aspect ratio handling and fix bugs
1 Jul. 18  Huge ImageEn 8.0.0 release with line and polyline editing, PDF exporting, color curve editing and much, much more
1 Jul. 18  IEVision 4.5.0, Advanced Plug-In for ImageEn, released with Blob/Shape detection, confidence values for pattern matching and more
25 Jun. 18  Ten new demos: Loading Performance, Line Layer Editing, Blob Detection, Real-time Line Detection, Color Curve, Contact Sheets, User Data in Layer, Magic Fill to Polygon and Mouse Interaction
25 Feb. 18  IEvolution for .NET, v7.5.0 released, with LibRaw support, PSD format enhancements, performance improvements and much more
7 Feb. 18  Two new demos: Alpha Channel Editing, MView Performance Features
25 Dec. 17  Happy Holidays from Nigel and family
13 Dec. 17  ImageEn 7.5.0 released with three new interaction tools for cloning, painting and rotating, plus much more
13 Dec. 17  IEVision 4.0.0, Advanced Plug-In for ImageEn, released with Pattern Matching, Classifier Training and more
13 Dec. 17  Three demos of our new Interactive Tools: Brush Tool, Clone Brush, Rotate Tool
13 Dec. 17  Five new IEVision demos: Automatic Selection, Classifier Training, Pattern Matching, Pattern Matching with Map and Watershed Selection
6 Nov. 17  New demo: Layer Masking


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Release Status
ImageEn Version: 8.1.2
IEVision Version: 4.5.2
IEvolution Version: 7.5.0