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IEvolution History

IEvolution 10.0.0

Top Ten Enhancements

1. Significantly optimized performance of IEMulti
2. Imaging engine (Native, DLL or WIC) can be specified for JPEG/PNG/JPEG2000
3. Added mouse interactions for IEViewer: RetouchTool, ColorPicker and SmoothZoom, with new UserInteraction event

4. IEViewer CropTool now offers a Rotation Grip and easy reselection

5. New AutoSetBitDepth property to automatically update properties to match the specified file and pixel format
6. Many WIC improvements, including support for 32bit PNG, alpha channel and EXIF reading
7. Wider support for DICOM, including support for 12 bit jpeg encoding, Segmented Palette Color Lookup Tables and Multiframe Shared functional group rescaling
8. Native Windows open/save dialogs can be used for image loading and saving operations

9. Support for many less common TIFF formats including 32 bit (HDR) TIFFs, special LZW encoded tiffs and planar 8 bit gray scale with alpha
10. Many optimizations and fixes


IEvolution 8.0.0

Top Ten Enhancements

1. New Cloning Tool to erase unwanted content

New Cloning tool to erase unwanted content

2. New interactive Brush Tool to paint images

New interactive brush tool to paint images

3. New interactive Rotation Tool to freely rotate and flip images
4. Complete translations for 15 languages: Italian, French, German, Russian, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Turkish and Greek

Complete translations for 13 languages

5. New mouse interaction allows selection of background or subject using a Chroma Key algorithm

New mouse interaction allows selection of background or subject using a Chroma Key algorithm

6. New Flood Fill and Alpha Fill Tools allow your users to replace similar colors in an image with a new color or transparency
7. Improved Selections: Circular and Polygon selections can now be resized. You can also hold the Ctrl key to remove from an existing selection

Selection Subtraction and Sizing

8. New mouse interactions to measure lengths, rectangular and elliptical areas

Measurement Tools

9. Many performance enhancements, including playback of GIFs in IEViewer, displaying Raw Camera images in IEMulti, and more
10. IEvolution now supports all image formats of Microsoft WIC, including DirectDraw Surface, HEIF, WebP, etc.


IEvolution 7.5.0

Top Ten Enhancements

1. LibRaw can be used for Digital Camera Raw formats, providing support for more cameras, multi-shot photo and interpolation features
2. Enhanced PSD features, including support for loading and saving files without merged images, and reading and writing of Exif tags
3. Layer operations are also supported when saving/loading to PSD (as PSD Blend Modes)
4. Various improvements to drawing of layer objects, particularly when layers are zoomed
5. Improved IOParams.ResetInfo method allowing specification of which meta-data to remove
6. Alternative drawing option to provide styling options for many transition effects

Alternative drawing option

7. Improved handling of alpha channel when using the clipboard, cropping images and other functions
8. Many performance improvements, including loading of images with large XMP blocks, and when modifying individual thumbnails in IEMulti

Modifying individual thumbnails in IEMulti

9. More accurate Remove Isolated Pixels method
10. More modern styling of dialogs now available with option to disable button graphics


IEvolution 6.0.0

Top Ten Enhancements

1. Four New Text and Vector Layer Types

New layers types for IEViewer, including sixty built-in shapes, lines, pointers, polylines, polygons, and text blocks

Four New Text and Vector Layer Types

2. Interactive Cropping, Rotation and Perspective Adjustment

Instantly add cropping and rotated cropping support with new interaction property

Instantly add cropping and rotated cropping support with new interaction property

  Interactive fixing of perspective distortion

Interactive adjustment of perspective distortion

3. IEViewer Rulers

Add rulers to IEViewer with a single property

Add rulers with a single property

4. Multiple Layer Selection

Allow your users to select and group multiple layers in IEViewer, and programmatically rotate, resize or move all layers with LayersRotateAll, LayersRepositionAll and LayersSizeAll


5. Easier Multiple Undo and Redo

Many improvements to Undo to make it easier to support multiple undo/redo and display relevant options to users

Many improvements to Undo to make it easier to support multiple undo/redo and display relevant options to users

6. New Image Processing methods

Including "Symmetric Nearest Neighbor" smoothing filter, Pixelize, and "Pencil Sketch" effect

Pencil Sketch effect

7. New Blurred Background

Blurred Image background style for IEViewer (like on YouTube when displaying portrait videos)

Poster printing (printing a single image to multiple pages)

8. Default Thumbnail Text

Update the display text of all files in an IEMulti without setting individual records

Default Thumbnail Text for IEMulti

9. Windows Explorer Thumbnails

IEMulti can now use thumbnails of Windows Explorer for extra speed and persistent caching

10. Faster Layer Rotation

Improved rendering speed when a layer is manually rotated


IEvolution 5.0.0

Top Ten Enhancements

1. ChromaKey Background Removal

Can now perform ChromaKey removal for green screen image applications

ChromaKey Background Removal

2. "Details" View for IEMulti

New thumbnail layout for IEMulti that displays text to the right of the thumbnail

Details View for IEMulti

3. Many Other IEMulti Improvements

While there are too many improvements to list, they include:

- Better performance via "FastThumb" loading and icon caching
- Lower resource requirements
- Improved styling and text display

Styling improvements including display of checkboxes on hover, and better visual indication when disabled

4. DICOM Enhancements

Significant DICOM improvements, including better reading speed and memory requirements, support for more sub-formats and implementation of the official list of 5,000 Dicom tags

5. ImageMagick Support

IEvolution can now use ImageMagick to load formats like PDF, PS, PCD and many others

6. MMF Enhancements

Continuing improvements to our Media Foundation API implementation including automatic rotation of images during video capture

7. TIFF Enhancements

Numerous TIFF improvements including optimization and support for more sub-formats

8. EMF+ Support

Now supports EMF+ metafiles

9. Smoother Pan-Zoom Effects

Pan Zoom effects are now much smoother due to frame blending

10. Enhanced Save Dialog

The layout of the Save Parameters dialog has been improved and is now resizable


IEvolution 4.4.0

Top Ten Enhancements

1. Can now save to DICOM Medical Imaging Format
2. Can now read BigTIFF files (>4GB TIFFs) and PSB format (large Photoshop PSD)
3. Twenty new transition effects including 3D page flipping and cube rotation, jigsaw puzzle, and "Pacman" effects

3D Cube Transition effect

4. New transition effects that display specified text or cycle the letters of a word

Disolving Word Transition Effect

5. Many improvements to Image Processing Preview dialog, including better styling when used as a single purpose, such as rotation
6. Added new encryption algorithm for IEImage (which does not show contours of encrypted images)
7. "Fill Page" option to print images to full page size while cropping edges
8. Much wider support for Unicode
9. When rotating layers the anti-alias filter is displayed immediately
10. Image appending methods now retrieve images from remote locations (via FTP and HTTP)


IEvolution 4.3.0

Top Ten Enhancements

1. Now supports 64 bit
2. Improvements to open dialog, including better layout and larger preview options

Improvements to Open Dialog, including better layout and larger preview options

3. Added Arabic and Serbian translations and improved translations of other languages
4. IEViewer.ZoomFilter is now supported by all pixel formats
5. Optimized rendering of CMYK (native) images
6. ICC profiles can now be saved to jpegs (even when from another file)
7. IEAnnotations.PasteFromClipboard now also pastes images on the clipboard as objects
8. New JPEGMarkers property for IOParams
9. Escape key can also be used to terminate insertion of a polyline
10. Various bug fixes


IEvolution 4.1.2

Main Enhancements

» Can now rotated layer 0 when MouseInteract is set to RotateLayers
» Various bug fixes


IEvolution 4.1.1

Top Five Enhancements

1. Wider support for TIFF and Dicom and faster loading of some JPEG formats
2. New transition effects: Cube Rotate, Soft Wipe and Twist transitions
3. Support for much larger PDF creation through disk caching
4. Images can now be aligned in any vertical or horizontal position
5. Images retrieved using Twain can now be limited by number



IEvolution 4.0.1

Top Five Enhancements

1. Images can be displayed and navigated using Coverflow-style animation

Coverflow-style image animation effect

2. Preview now available for printing of thumbnails

Preview of Thumbnail Printing

3. Revamped styling of all ImageEn dialogs

Improved print preview dialog

4. IEMulti now supports drag style selection

Drag to select thumbnails

5. New Seek method to quickly navigate and load images within multi-frame formats such as TIFF, GIF, ICO and videos