ImageEn, unit hyiedefs



TIEBackgroundStyle = (iebsSolid, iebsHorizontal, iebsVertical, iebsFDiagonal, iebsBDiagonal, iebsCross, iebsDiagCross, iebsChessboard, iebsDiagonals, iebsCropped, iebsCropShadow, iebsGradient, iebsSoftShadow, iebsPhotoLike, iebsBlurredImage);


Value Description
iebsCropped * A border is shown around the image (instead of around the edge of the ImageEnView). Best used with ImageEnView.BorderStyle=bsNone and Center=True
iebsCropShadow * A solid shadow is drawn around the image (See also: iebsSoftShadow)
iebsChessboard Background has chessboard pattern (customize the style using SetChessboardStyle)
iebsDiagonals Background has diagonal pattern
iebsSolid Background is a solid color (see Background)
iebsHorizontal Same as bsHorizontal of TBrushStyle
iebsVertical Same as bsVertical of TBrushStyle
iebsFDiagonal Same as bsFDiagonal of TBrushStyle
iebsBDiagonal Same as bsBDiagonal of TBrushStyle
iebsCross Same as bsCross of TBrushStyle
iebsDiagCross Same as bsDiagCross of TBrushStyle
iebsGradient Background is a gradient of two colors (specified with Background and GradientEndColor)
iebsSoftShadow * A soft (gaussian) shadow is drawn around the image
iebsPhotoLike * The image is drawn with a black border. If a custom Background has not been specified then the background will be dark gray.
iebsBlurredImage * The current image is shown blurred and zoomed to fill the window (can be slow)

* These styles are not supported by TImageEnMView