ImageEn, unit iesettings




property ImageEditingPopupMenu: TImageEnViewButtons;


Specifies the items of the Image Editing popup menu.
The default items for this popup menu allow you to edit the current image, such as rotation, cropping and color functions.

The Image Editing popup menu appears over a TImageEnView if:
- PopupMenus includes ievEditing
- PopupMenus does NOT include ievLayerEditing
- A selection has not been clicked on
- A layer has not been clicked on

- For more in-depth customization of popup menu items, use the OnAddPopupMenuItem event
- To remove or change the hue to popup menu item glyphs, use PopupMenuImageHue


// Add open and save items
IEGlobalSettings().ImageEditingPopupMenu := IEGlobalSettings().ImageEditingPopupMenu + [ ivbImageOpen, ivbImageSave ];
ImageEnView1.PopupMenus := [ ievEditing ];

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