ImageEn, unit imageenview




property PopupMenus: TIEViewModes;


Enables automatically generated popup menus.

This property is only used if a custom popup menu has not been specified for TImageEnView.PopupMenu.

The following popups are available:
 Image Editing Popup Menu
 Image Selection Popup Menu
 Image Viewing Popup Menu
 Layer Editing Popup Menu
 Layer Selection Popup Menu
 PDF Editing Popup Menu
 PDF Viewing Popup Menu

Which popup menu is displayed in decided as follows (in order of preference):
 PDF Editing Popup Menu: If ievPdfEditing is included
 PDF Viewing Popup Menu: If ievPdfViewing is included
 Layer Selection Popup Menu: If ievLayerSelection is included and a layer is selected
 Image Selection Popup Menu: If ievSelection is included and the image is selected
 Layer Editing Popup Menu: If ievLayerEditing is included
 Image Editing Popup Menu: If ievEditing is included
 Image Viewing Popup Menu: If ievViewing is included

It is generally used in one of the following configurations:
 Image Viewing: ImageEnView1.PopupMenus := [ ievViewing ];
 Image Editing: ImageEnView1.PopupMenus := [ ievEditing, ievSelection ];
 Layer Editing: ImageEnView1.PopupMenus := [ ievLayerEditing, ievLayerSelection ];
 PDF Viewing: ImageEnView1.PopupMenus := [ ievPdfViewing ];
 PDF Editing: ImageEnView1.PopupMenus := [ ievPdfEditing ];

Default: [] (No automatic popup menu)

Note: To remove a custom popup menu and use those specified by PopupMenus, set: ImageEnView1.PopupMenu := nil;


Demo  Demos\Other\ImageEnViewToolbar\IEToolbar.dpr
Demo  Demos\Other\PdfViewerToolbar\PdfViewerToolbar.dpr


// Display popup with buttons relevant to viewing images
ImageEnView1.PopupMenus := [ ievViewing ];

// Display popup with buttons relevant to editing images. If right-clicking a selection, it changes to selection related methods
ImageEnView1.PopupMenus := [ ievEditing, ievSelection ];

// Only display a popup when right-clicking selection
ImageEnView1.PopupMenus := [ ievSelection ];

// Display popup with buttons relevant to editing layers. If right-clicking a layer, it changes to methods for the current layer
ImageEnView1.PopupMenus := [ ievLayerEditing, ievLayerSelection ];

// Show only zoom, seek and print items
IEGlobalSettings().ImageViewingPopupMenu := [ ivbImageSeek, ivbImagePrint, ivbImageZoom ];
ImageEnView1.PopupMenus := [ ievViewing ];

// When a selection is clicked, show clipboard items
IEGlobalSettings().ImageSelectionPopupMenu := [ ivbImageClipboard ];
ImageEnView1.PopupMenus := [ ievSelection ];

// When a layer is clicked, show style items
IEGlobalSettings().LayerSelectionPopupMenu.Buttons := [ ivbLayersStyle, ivbLayersProps ];
ImageEnView1.PopupMenus := [ ievLayerEditing ];