ImageEn, unit iesettings




property ImageSelectionPopupMenu: TImageEnViewButtons;


Specifies the items of the Image Selection popup menu (when right-clicking a selection).
The default items for this popup menu allow you to perform actions on the image selection, such as cropping, clipboard and color effects.

The Image Selection popup menu appears over a TImageEnView if:
- PopupMenus includes ievSelection
- A selection has been clicked on
- A layer has not been clicked on

- For more in-depth customization of popup menu items, use the OnAddPopupMenuItem event
- To remove or change the hue to popup menu item glyphs, use PopupMenuImageHue


// When a selection is clicked, show clipboard items
IEGlobalSettings().ImageSelectionPopupMenu := [ ivbImageClipboard ];
ImageEnView1.PopupMenus := [ ievSelection ];

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