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property LayerMViewDefaultPopupMenu: TImageEnLayerMViewButtons;


Specifies the items of the default TImageEnLayerMView popup menu.
This menu is displayed when you right-click the control but do not click on a thumbnail. You must add impDefault to PopupMenus.
The default items for this popup menu allow you to change the view and sorting.

To specify items for the popup menu that shows when right-clicking a thumbnail, use LayerMViewSelectionPopupMenu.

- For more in-depth customization of popup menu items, use the OnAddPopupMenuItem event
- To remove or change the hue to popup menu item glyphs, use PopupMenuImageHue

TImageEnMView Popup Menus

The following popup menus are available for TImageEnMView and its descendents:

- TImageEnMView, right-click the background: MViewDefaultPopupMenu
- TImageEnMView, right-click a thumbnail: MViewSelectionPopupMenu
- TImageEnFolderMView, right-click the background: FolderMViewDefaultPopupMenu
- TImageEnFolderMView, right-click a thumbnail: FolderMViewSelectionPopupMenu
- TImageEnLayerMView, right-click the background: LayerMViewDefaultPopupMenu
- TImageEnLayerMView, right-click a thumbnail: LayerMViewSelectionPopupMenu


// Remove view items from the right-click menu
IEGlobalSettings().LayerMViewDefaultPopupMenu := IEGlobalSettings().LayerMViewDefaultPopupMenu - [ ilbViewStyle, ilbViewColumns ];
ImageEnLayerMView1.PopupMenus := [ impDefault, impSelection ];

// Add a Select All item to the right-click menu
IEGlobalSettings().LayerMViewDefaultPopupMenu := [ ilbSelect ];
ImageEnLayerMView1.PopupMenus := [ impDefault, impSelection ];

See Also

- PopupMenus
- PopupMenuImageHue
- OnAddPopupMenuItem