ImageEn, unit iexHelperFunctions




function MergeExposures(Dest: TIEBitmap; AlignImages: Boolean = False; ContrastWeight: Single = 1.0; SaturationWeight: Single = 1.0; Gamma: Single = 1.0): Boolean;


A shortcut method that creates a TIEVisionExposureMerger object and calls run to combine images of different exposures into a single tone-mapped HDR image.

Parameter Description
Dest The bitmap that will be assigned the resulting image (must be created before calling)
AlignImages If True the algorithm tries to align the images
ContrastWeight Contrast measure weight (>0.0)
SaturationWeight Saturation measure weight (>0.0)
Gamma Gamma correction (1 = linear map)

When the TIEMultiBitmap is attached to a TImageEnMView:
 If Checkboxes are enabled, only checked images will be included. An exception is raised if there are no checked items
 If StoreType is not ietNormal, an attempt is made to load full quality images from file. An exception is raised if the files cannot be accessed

 You must add the iexHelperFunctions unit to your uses clause
 Exposure merging requires IEVision. You will need to register it before calling the method
 If Dest is attached to a TImageEnView, it will automatically call Update

Method Behaviour

The following call:

ImageEnMView1.IEMBitmap.MergeExposures( ImageEnView1.IEBitmap,
                                        StrToFloatDef( EditContrastWeight.Text, 1.0 ),
                                        StrToFloatDef( EditSaturationWeight.Text, 1.0 ),
                                        StrToFloatDef( EditGamma.Text, 1.0 ));

Is the same as calling:

merger := IEVisionLib().createExposureMerger();
for i := 0 to ImageEnMView1.ImageCount - 1 do
  bmp := ImageEnMView1.GetTIEBitmap( i, True );
  merger.addImage( IEVisionLib.createImage( bmp.GetIEVisionImage() ));
  ImageEnMView1.ReleaseBitmap( i, False );

ImageEnView1.IEBitmap.AssignIEVisionImage( AlignImagesCheckBox.Checked,
                                                       StrToFloatDef( EditContrastWeight.Text, 1.0 ),
                                                       StrToFloatDef( EditSaturationWeight.Text, 1.0 ),
                                                       StrToFloatDef( EditGamma.Text, 1.0 )) );


// Merge the exposures of all the images in ImageEnMView1 and display the result in ImageEnView1
ImageEnMView1.IEMBitmap.MergeExposures( ImageEnView1.IEBitmap );

// Merge the exposures of 3 image files
mbmp := TIEMultiBitmap.Create();
mbmp.FillFromList( ['D:\image1.png', 'D:\image2.png', 'D:\image3.png'] );
mbmp.MergeExposures( ImageEnView1.IEBitmap );