ImageEn, unit iexUserInteractions




property RetouchMode: TIERetouchMode;


Specify which retouch tool to use:
Effect Description Properties More Info
iermSmudge Smudge brushed area SmudgePressure, SmudgeBlur -
iermBlur Blur brushed area BlurRadius Blur
iermMotionBlur Apply a motion blur effect MotionBlurAngle, MotionBlurRadius, MotionBlurSigma MotionBlur
iermAutoSharpen Sharpen contours of brushed area AutoSharpenIntensity, AutoSharpenRate AutoSharp
iermSharpen Apply sharpening filter to brushed area SharpenIntensity, SharpenNeighbourhood Sharpen
iermUnsharpen Apply a gaussian blur to brushed area UnsharpenAmount, UnsharpenRadius, UnsharpenThreshold UnsharpMask
iermSmooth Apply SNN noise reduction to brushed area SmoothRadius SymmetricNearestNeighbour
iermPixelize Convert brushed area to large pixel blocks PixelizeBlockSize Pixelize
iermBrightness Adjust brightness of brushed area BrightnessAdjustment IntensityRGBAll
iermSaturation Adjust color saturation of brushed area SaturationAmount AdjustSaturation
iermWave Apply a wave effect to brushed area WaveAmplitude, WaveLength, WavePhase Wave
iermPencilSketch Make brushed area resemble a pencil sketch (Note 1) PencilSketchAlpha, PencilSketchDensity, PencilSketchGray, PencilSketchLevels, PencilSketchThickness PencilSketch
iermIEVisionInpaint Restore brushed area using the outer region (fill missing areas of image or erase blemishes) (Note 2) InpaintMethod, InpaintRangeSize inpaint
iermIEVisionSmooth Apply NLM noise reduction to brushed area (Note 3) DenoiseFilterStrength fastNlMeansDenoisingColored
iermWarp Warp the image by pushing the area under the cursor - Warp
iermSwirl Apply a rotational effect under the cursor to obfuscate the image - SwirlTwists
iermCustom Apply a custom effect to brushed area   OnCustomRetouch

1. iermPencilSketch and iermSwirl can be slow and require a lot of memory
2. iermIEVisionInpaint requires IEVision. If IEVision is not available, the iermSmudge method is used instead
3. iermIEVisionSmooth requires IEVision. If IEVision is not available, the iermSmooth method is used instead
4. iermSwirl is always circular (1:1) so may draw outside the retouched area

Default: iermSmudge


// Smudge the image
ImageEnView1.RetouchTool.RetouchMode    := iermSmudge;
ImageEnView1.RetouchTool.SmudgePressure := 15;
ImageEnView1.RetouchTool.Feathering     := 3;
ImageEnView1.MouseInteractGeneral       := [ miRetouchTool ];

// Apply motion blur to image
ImageEnView1.RetouchTool.RetouchMode      := iermMotionBlur ;
ImageEnView1.RetouchTool.MotionBlurSigma  := 8;
ImageEnView1.RetouchTool.MotionBlurAngle  := 180;
ImageEnView1.RetouchTool.MotionBlurRadius := 10;
ImageEnView1.MouseInteractGeneral         := [ miRetouchTool ];

// Use IEVision's Inpainting to remove blemishes in the image
ImageEnView1.RetouchTool.RetouchMode      := iermIEVisionInpaint;
ImageEnView1.RetouchTool.InpaintRangeSize := 6;
ImageEnView1.MouseInteractGeneral         := [ miRetouchTool ];

// Pixelate the brushed area (e.g. to hide sensitive detail)
ImageEnView1.RetouchTool.RetouchMode       := iermPixelize;
ImageEnView1.RetouchTool.PixelizeBlockSize := 5;
ImageEnView1.MouseInteractGeneral          := [ miRetouchTool ];

// Warp the image
ImageEnView1.RetouchTool.RetouchMode := iermWarp;
ImageEnView1.RetouchTool.BrushSize   := 60;
ImageEnView1.MouseInteractGeneral    := [ miRetouchTool ];