ImageEn, unit iemview




property AttachedImageEnView: TImageEnView;


Use this property to attach a TImageEnView to this TImageEnMView.
The ImageEnView will be used to show a preview of the selected image. You can also navigate the TImageEnMView using the TImageEnView Buttons or mouse wheel if the MouseWheelParams.Action = iemwNavigate.
If you are using the PDF Viewer to show PDF content, then setting AttachedImageEnView will show all the PDF pages and allow document navigation.

 To prevent the loading from locking the UI, set AsyncLoading to false
 AttachedImageEnView will have no effect if you have assigned an external bitmap to the TImageEnView
 You can use UpdateAttachedImageEnView to force loading of the image into the attached TImageEnView


Demo  Demos\Multi\MView_AttachedViewer\MViewPreview.dpr
Demo  Demos\Actions\Actions_PdfViewer\PdfViewerActions.dpr


ImageEnMView1.AttachedImageEnView := ImageEnView1;

// Attach a TImageEnView to a TImageEnFolderMView and allow navigation by buttons on the TImageEnView and spinning the mouse wheel
IEFolderMView1.AttachedImageEnView := ImageEnView1;
ImageEnView1.ShowButtons := [ iebtPrevious, iebtNext ];
ImageEnMView1.MouseWheelParams.Action := iemwNavigate;
ImageEnView1.MouseWheelParams.Action := iemwNavigate;

// Show thumbnail preview of all pages of a PDF document
ImageEnView1.PdfViewer.Enabled := True;
ImageEnMView1.AttachedImageEnView := ImageEnView1;
ImageEnView1.IO.LoadFromFilePDF( 'C:\document.pdf' );