ImageEn, unit iemview




property AttachedImageEnView: TImageEnView;


Use this property to attach a TImageEnView to this TImageEnMView.
The ImageEnView will be used to show a preview of the selected image. You can also navigate the TImageEnMView using the TImageEnView Buttons or mouse wheel if the MouseWheelParams.Action = iemwNavigate.
If you are using the PDF Viewer to show PDF content, then setting AttachedImageEnView will show all the PDF pages and allow document navigation.

- To prevent the loading from locking the UI, set AsyncLoading to false
- AttachedImageEnView will have no effect if you have assigned an external bitmap to the TImageEnView
- You can use UpdateAttachedImageEnView to force loading of the image into the attached TImageEnView


Demo  Demos\Multi\MView_AttachedViewer\MViewPreview.dpr
Demo  Demos\Actions\Actions_PdfViewer\PdfViewerActions.dpr


ImageEnMView1.AttachedImageEnView := ImageEnView1;

// Attach a TImageEnView to a TImageEnFolderMView and allow navigation by buttons on the TImageEnView and spinning the mouse wheel
IEFolderMView1.AttachedImageEnView := ImageEnView1;
ImageEnView1.ShowButtons := [ iebtPrevious, iebtNext ];
ImageEnMView1.MouseWheelParams.Action := iemwNavigate;
ImageEnView1.MouseWheelParams.Action := iemwNavigate;

// Show thumbnail preview of all pages of a PDF document
ImageEnView1.PdfViewer.Enabled := True;
ImageEnMView1.AttachedImageEnView := ImageEnView1;
ImageEnView1.IO.LoadFromFilePDF( 'C:\document.pdf' );