ImageEn, unit iemview




function ThumbSizeInfo(Data: TIEThumbSizeType; CheckSoftShadow: Boolean = False): TPoint;


Returns information about the current displayed size of thumbnail cells in the TImageEnView.

Data Value Description
itsImage Returns the size of the thumbnail image as displayed
itsCell Returns the size of the thumbnail cell (image, text and cell border)
itsOuter Returns the size of the thumbnail cell and its external spacing (image, text, cell border and horizontal/vertical border)

If CheckSoftShadow = True and SoftShadow is enabled, then itsImage values will be reduced by the size of the soft shadow.

It takes into account:
 ThumbWidth and ThumbHeight
 LeftGap, RightGap, UpperGap and BottomGap
 HorizBorder and VertBorder
 SoftShadow if IncludeSoftShadow = True

Note: itsImage values will be the maximum size of the thumbnail. Actual display width or height will be less in order to maintain the aspect ratio


// Calculate the amount of white space on right of thumbnails (assumes ietxCenterThumbnailColumn is not used)
rightSpace := ImageEnMView1.ClientWidth - ImageEnMView1.ThumbSizeInfo( itsCell ).X * ImageEnMView1.CalcGridWidth();

// Return the size the image is displayed at (width or height will actually be less to maintain the aspect ratio
thumbSize := ImageEnMView1.ThumbSizeInfo( itsImage, True );

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