ImageEn, unit imageenproc




function CanCutToClipboard(Source: TIECopyPasteType = iecpAuto): Boolean;


Returns true if a call to CutToClipboard is possible.

Possible values for Source:
Item Effect
iecpAuto Result will true, if there is a selected portion of image or or layer
iecpFullImage Result will be true, unless the image is blank
iecpSelection Result will be true if there is a valid selection in the associated TImageEnView
iecpLayer Result will be true if there is a layer selected in the associated TImageEnView which is not the background layer

- The Source specified for CanCutToClipboard, must be the same as that you will use for CutToClipboard.
- Only iecpFullImage is relevant if the TImageEnProc is attached to a TIEBitmap, TImageEnMView or TImageEnFolderMView (iecpAuto will have the same effect as iecpFullImage. iecpSelection and iecpLayer will always fail)
- This method supports PdfViewer if Source = iecpAuto


// Enable the Cut button if cutting is possible
btnCutToClipboard.Enabled := ImageEnView1.Proc.CanCutToClipboard();

See Also

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