ImageEn, unit imageenproc




function CanCutToClipboard(Source: TIECopyPasteType = iecpAuto): Boolean;


Returns true if a call to CutToClipboard is possible.

Possible values for Source:
Item Effect
iecpAuto Result will true, if there is a selected portion of image or or layer
iecpFullImage Result will be true, unless the image is blank
iecpSelection Result will be true if there is a valid selection in the associated TImageEnView
iecpLayer Result will be true if there is a layer selected in the associated TImageEnView which is not the background layer

 The Source specified for CanCutToClipboard, must be the same as that you will use for CutToClipboard.
 Only iecpFullImage is relevant if the TImageEnProc is attached to a TIEBitmap, TImageEnMView or TImageEnFolderMView (iecpAuto will have the same effect as iecpFullImage. iecpSelection and iecpLayer will always fail)
 This method supports PdfViewer if Source = iecpAuto


// Enable the Cut button if cutting is possible
btnCutToClipboard.Enabled := ImageEnView1.Proc.CanCutToClipboard();

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