ImageEn, unit imageenproc




function CutToClipboard(Source: TIECopyPasteType = iecpAuto; CutAlpha: Boolean = false; DeleteOnly: Boolean = false): Boolean;


Copies the selected region, image or layer to the clipboard and then removes it.

Possible values for Source:
Item Effect
iecpAuto ImageEn automatically detects what to cut. If there is a valid selection, it is cut. If not, and a layer (other than the background) is selected, it is cut. Otherwise nothing is cut
iecpFullImage If the image is valid, it is copied to the clipboard, then cleared. Otherwise, it fails
iecpSelection If there is a selection in the associated TImageEnView, it is copied to the clipboard then cut from the image. If there is no selection, it fails
iecpLayer If there is a layer selected in the associated TImageEnView, which is not the background layer, it is copied to the clipboard (as an image and a layer) and then removed from the image

If CutAlpha is true, the selected area is made transparent (has no effect unless there is a selection).
If DeleteOnly is true, the selected region, image or layer is deleted (without being copied to the clipboard).
Returns true if successful.

 By default, transparency is NOT supported, when pasting images to other applications. To support transparency, configure ClipboardCopyFormats
 The main reason for unexpected failures are very large images that exceed the available memory
 Only iecpFullImage is relevant if the TImageEnProc is attached to a TIEBitmap, TImageEnMView or TImageEnFolderMView (iecpAuto will have the same effect as iecpFullImage. iecpSelection and iecpLayer will always fail)
 Cutting of layers to the clipboard will be prevented if loPreventLayerDelete is specified for LayerOptions (layer will be copied instead)
 This method supports PdfViewer if Source = iecpAuto


// General cut to clipboard method

// Cutting of selection to clipboard (leaving cut region as transparent)
ImageEnView1.Proc.CutToClipboard( iecpSelection, True );

// Cutting of selected layer to clipboard
ImageEnView1.Proc.CutToClipboard( iecpLayer );

// Cutting the whole image to the clipboard
ImageEnView1.Proc.CutToClipboard( iecpFullImage );

// Cut the selected image in a TImageEnMView to the clipboard (Note: bitmap is cleared, not removed)
if IEMView1.SelectedImage >= 0 then
  IEMView1.Proc.CutToClipboard( iecpFullImage );

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