ImageEn, unit ievect




function CopyObjectTo(hobj: integer; Dest: TImageEnView; MoveObject: Boolean = False): integer;


Assign the hobj object to another TImageEnVect or a TImageEnView.
If Dest is a TImageEnVect, the object is copied as a standard Vectorial object.
If Dest is a TImageEnView, the object is converted to a TIELayer. Conversion is as follows:
Object Kind Converted To Notes
iekLINE TIELineLayer -
iekBOX TIEShapeLayer -
iekELLIPSE TIEShapeLayer -
iekARC TIEPolylineLayer -
iekBITMAP TIEImageLayer -
iekTEXT TIETextLayer -
iekRULER TIELineLayer Ruler notches will be lost. Text will be displayed below center
iekPOLYLINE TIEPolylineLayer -
iekANGLE TIEAngleLayer -
iekMEMO TIETextLayer Text formatting is lost
iekLINELABEL TIELineLayer Inward arrows are converted to outward arrows
If MoveObject is true, the object is removed from the TImageEnVect after copying.
Returns the handle of the created object (or index of the new layer).

Note: User data is not transferred unless MoveObject is true


// Move the content of a TImageEnVect (with Objects) to a TImageEnView (as layers)
  i, hobj: Integer;
  // Clear existing content

  // Copy background image
  ImageEnView1.IEBitmap.Assign( ImageEnVect1.Layers[0].Bitmap );

  // Add objects as layers
  for i := ImageEnVect1.ObjectsCount - 1 downto 0 do
    hobj := ImageEnVect1.GetObjFromIndex(i);
    ImageEnVect1.CopyObjectTo( hobj, ImageEnView1, True ); // User data also transferred

See Also

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