ImageEn, unit ievect




procedure CopySelectedObjectsTo(Dest: TImageEnView);


Copies all selected objects to another TImageEnVect or a TImageEnView.
If Dest is a TImageEnVect, the objects are copied as standard Vectorial objects.
If Dest is a TImageEnView, the objects are converted to TIELayers.

Conversion is as follows:
Object Kind Converted To Notes
iekLINE TIELineLayer -
iekBOX TIEShapeLayer -
iekELLIPSE TIEShapeLayer -
iekARC TIEPolylineLayer -
iekBITMAP TIEImageLayer -
iekTEXT TIETextLayer -
iekRULER TIELineLayer Ruler notches will be lost. Text will be displayed below center
iekPOLYLINE TIEPolylineLayer -
iekANGLE TIEAngleLayer -
iekMEMO TIETextLayer Text formatting is lost
iekLINELABEL TIELineLayer Inward arrows are converted to outward arrows

- To move objects, use CopyObjectTo
- User data is not transferred (You can use the move option of CopyObjectTo)

See Also

- CopyAllLayersFrom
- CopyAllObjectsTo
- CopyObjectTo
- LayersImport

Transition Information

If you are transitioning your code to TImageEnView Layers, instead of CopySelectedObjectsTo, use: TImageEnView.Assign.
Note: Assign will also copy all layers (including the background)