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 V4.1.4: DLL to speed up file loading

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
xequte Posted - Oct 23 2012 : 13:32:30

ImageEn v4.1.4 includes a beta of our new loading DLL, ielib32.dll. This optional library provides no functionality other than that included in the native ImageEn libraries, however due to optimized compilation you will find file loading is approximately 30% faster with it.

To use ielib32.dll you will need to edit and change:

{.$define IEUSEDLLJPEG2000LIB}



You will then need to recompile your packages. Naturally you will need to ship ielib32.dll with your application. Ideally this should be placed in the same folder as your EXE, but it can also be located on the system path.

Note: Delphi/BCB 5 and 6 are not supported

Xequte Software
20   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
xequte Posted - Jan 16 2013 : 13:11:39
Sorry, i didn't recognize your username.

Source for the 64bit version of IELib will be available with the next release.

Xequte Software Posted - Jan 14 2013 : 12:55:10

I'm referring to VCL product, I have that licensed currently.

As Uwe "" already said,

for me it's mandatory to have also IELIB DLL sources.

xequte Posted - Jan 14 2013 : 11:58:09

IELib is part of ImageEn, our library for Delphi/C++. At present our .NET product (IEvolution) is not yet 64bit ready.

Xequte Software Posted - Jan 14 2013 : 07:13:15

I need to know how to get ielib.dll.
If I can have the source, the better, especially for 64bit.
I need absolutely to compile a 64bit version with jpeg2000 support.
How can I obtain this?

I have Visual studio 2010 too, I recompiled libjsaper in 64bit, but there is not a external DLL , only a lib.

I someone can explain me this, please.

xequte Posted - Dec 25 2012 : 11:49:50

No. i'm afraid it is not.

Xequte Software
codedcolor Posted - Dec 25 2012 : 08:08:34
Would it be easily possible to compile this dll as ielib32.dylib for OSX?
pDavid Posted - Dec 19 2012 : 02:04:30

Difficult to say when and how it rarely happens :)

I tested with jpeg files between 3Mo and 4Mo.

xequte Posted - Dec 18 2012 : 21:54:35
Hi David

Are you able to reproduce it within any consistency? If so, please send details and any associated images.

Xequte Software
pDavid Posted - Dec 18 2012 : 04:01:37
I use ielib32 with loadfromstream in threads the speed is the same (I don't know if the speed is only for the function LoadFromFile)

Test with Delphi XE + ImageEnView + Jpeg Files

I have the same problem as Patrick,Sommetime file is corrupted when loading

fab Posted - Nov 23 2012 : 10:53:26
Please could you add more details?
- the DLL version (32 or 64 bit?)
- Delphi version
- the kind of loaded files (jpeg, tiff, etc...)
- which component (TImageEnView, TImageEnMView,...)
xequte Posted - Nov 21 2012 : 11:43:15

Please bear in mind that it is only beta release, so it should not be used in any production code.

Xequte Software
Patrick Quinn Posted - Nov 21 2012 : 05:58:41
I hope the problems with the DLL gets sorted out, as the increased loading speed would be welcome. However, as it is now it is unusable.

I am using a PC just a few years old, a quad core AMD Phenom II running Windows 7 64 bit. There seem to be two different problems.

I have been getting random crashes when loading images or thumbnails.

Also, thumbnails sometimes are corrupted when loaded. When this happens, any further attempts to load thumbnails results in more corrupted thumbnails, and the program has to be shut down and restarted to make it work again.

Without having the source code I cannot offer any help.

I have now stopped using the DLL because of these problems.


giannidipie Posted - Nov 20 2012 : 23:07:00
Hi, My pc is old, about 10 year and we use it only for test, (see attached cpu report)

But the problem with ielib occurs also with newest PC with WinXP SP3.
We have verified with remote desktop that a lot of our customers have problem decompressing jpeg with ielib.

I hope that its will be better to use global variable instead of conditional define, so we can decide which method to use to decompress file.

fab Posted - Nov 20 2012 : 19:01:15
ielib uses SSE2/3 CPU instructions. How is old this PC?
giannidipie Posted - Nov 20 2012 : 08:08:20
We have release an application compiled with ielib.

Our customers reports us that in older PCs jpeg and png files are not loaded.

to verify this fact, we have tested ielib in windows 2000, and we have found an error in entry point of DecodePointer in kernel32.dll while loading a jpeg.

is it possible to fix this error?


mhieta Posted - Nov 15 2012 : 12:48:18
Hi fabrizio,

Just send code, screen shots and few sample images to support email.

- Marko

- Marko
fab Posted - Nov 14 2012 : 11:58:55
please could you send (to support email) a set of images where to load thumbnails and the code you are using to load them?
mhieta Posted - Nov 13 2012 : 12:48:09
Yes Uwe, its harder to find clues and provide workaround when there is no source. :)

Anyway its beta lib so it will improve :) I hope that they improve also tiff image loading.

- Marko
mhieta Posted - Nov 13 2012 : 12:30:06

After it fails to load thumbnail properly and if I try to load failed image it displays AV:

- Marko
mhieta Posted - Nov 13 2012 : 10:22:23

I use D2007 and just tried this ielib32.dll. Yes its fast, but I see some problems. I use ImageEnIO.LoadFromStream to load thumbnails.
Sometimes it will load thumbnails correctly, but sometimes its not loading them correctly. When its not loading thumbnails correctly, it will load about 100 thumbnails from 300 thumbnails so 200 thumbnails is not loaded at all.
Without this ielib32.dll thumbnail drawing works perfectly. I cannot post code cause its in component what I cannot share :(
Anyway. I will test later versions if it works better.

- Marko

- Marko