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6 Mar. 23 ImageEn v12.0.0 released with many improvements to transitions, TImageEnMView field filtering, full theming support and much, much more
6 Mar. 23 IEVision v7.0.0 released with big update to OpenCV and LibRaw, faster JPEG, image searching improvements and more
1 Dec. 22 New Demo: Automatic PDF Printing
11 Oct. 22 IEvolution for .NET, v10.5.0 released, with many new UI elements for image editing, thumbnail saving and much more
26 Sep. 22 Update to ImageEn to add support for Google Vision and Static Maps API
26 Sep. 22 New Demo: Google Cloud Vision API
25 Aug. 22ImageEn v11.3.0 released with Effects Chain support, many new editing and color operations for your users in the TImageEnProc Preview dialog and much more
25 Aug. 22 V6.0.4 update for IEVision to resolve some issues
25 Aug. 22 Two new demos: All Editing Operations and Effects Chain
1 Aug. 22 Small update to IEvolution for .NET to improve .NET 4 support
1 Jun. 22 Minor update to ImageEn to fix corrupted component icons on older Delphi releases, plus small fix for IEVision
22 May 22 Huge v11.0 update to ImageEn adding a meta-data editing component, improved DICOM tag editing, more image formats, device support and much more
22 May 22 Two new demos: Meta-Data ListView and Dicom Tag Editing
11 Mar. 22 ImageEn v10.3.5 released to add support for custom popup menu items, higher quality PDF output, wider format support and much more
11 Mar. 22 IEVision V6.0.3 adding support for iPhone PNG images and more
11 Mar. 22 Complete rewrite of five demos: Icon Editor, Lossless Rotation and Cropping, Threaded Processing, Batch Editor and Cells and Grid

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