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10 Apr. 24 IEvolution for .NET, v10.5.0B recompiled with latest version of imaging library
14 Mar. 24 ImageEn v13.1.0 released with new TIEEditControls component, shaped selections and cropping, enhancements to visualizers, PDF and image editing, and more
14 Mar. 24 IEVision v8.1.0 released with support for local neural networks to classify objects, detect text and increase resolution, plus more
14 Mar. 24 Two new demos: Neural Networks, Embedded Editing Controls and Image Compare Slider
15 Nov. 23 ImageEn v13.0.0 released with debugging visualizers, IEVision helpers, PDF importing, and much, much more
15 Nov. 23 IEVision v8.0.0 released with many improvements to OCR, photo and document stitching, and more
15 Nov. 23 Four new demos: PDF Objects, Screen Capturing, Find Objects with Classifier and Custom User Interaction
26 Aug. 23 ImageEn v12.5.0 released with Warping, Zip support, PDF form field reading and much more
26 Aug. 23 IEVision updated to v7.1.0 to add support for Thin Plate Spline shape transformations, and other improvements
26 Aug. 23 Three new demos: Warp Brush, Thin Plate Spline Shape Transformation and PDF Form Fields

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