ImageEn, unit iexActionsFolder

TImageEnFolderMView Actions

When using a TImageEnFolderMView you can use both the TImageEnFolderMView specific actions which follow, as well as all the actions of TImageEnMView to rapidly develop your UI (and instantly localize in twenty-five languages).



To use actions:

1. Add a TActionList component to your form
2. Double-click your TActionList to open it
3. Select "New Standard Action"
4. Scroll down to the ImageEnMView actions, select the ones you require and click OK
5. Assign the actions to menu items and buttons


Demo  Demos\Actions\Actions_Folder\FolderMViewActions.dpr

Base Properties
Published Property  ActionType Specifies the type of action: whether the control only performs a function (ieaButton), toggles a state (ieaCheckbox), or changes between multiple states (ieaRadioButton)
Published Property  ImageEnFolderMView Optional property: Specify a TImageEnFolderMView if you have multiple on a form and want to limit actions to one of them
Published Property  RequiresFocus If enabled, actions have no effect unless a TImageEnFolderMView is focused, otherwise actions work and change whatever control is focused. You must set this to true, or use the ImageEnFolderMView property if you have multiple TImageEnFolderMViews on a form (Default: False)


 You can set MsgLanguage to localize the actions
 Some actions include shortcuts. The VCL does not allow these to be cleared at design-time. Disable them at run-time as follows: ImageEnMView1PromptToOpen1.ShortCut := 0;
 See the list of the default ImageIndexes if you are planning to add graphics to your actions

Folder Actions

Action Name Description Associated Method Extra Properties
TIEFolderMViewPromptForFolder Select Folder Select a folder to open PromptForFolder -
TIEFolderMViewOpenParentFolder Go Up Open the parent of the current folder OpenParentFolder -
TIEFolderMViewRefreshFileList Refresh Refresh the file listing RefreshFileList -
TIEFolderMViewCreateNewFolder Create Folder Create a new folder at the current location CreateNewFolder -
TIEFolderMViewExecuteFolder Open Folder Execute the current folder in manner specified by the Verb property ExecuteFolder Verb
TIEFolderMViewExecuteSelectedFile Open File Execute the selected file in manner specified by the Verb property ExecuteFile Verb
TIEFolderMViewIncludeSubFolders Include Subfolders Also display files found in subfolders of this folder IncludeSubFolders -
TIEFolderMViewMoveSelectedFilesToFolder Move Files Move the selected files to a new folder MoveSelectedFilesToFolder -
TIEFolderMViewCopySelectedFilesToFolder Copy Files Copy the selected files to a new folder CopySelectedFilesToFolder -
TIEFolderMViewDeleteSelectedFilesFromFolder Delete Files Delete the selected files from the folder DeleteSelectedFilesFromFolder -
TIEFolderMViewCutSelectedFilesToClipboard Cut Files to Clipboard Cut the selected files to the clipboard CutSelectedFilesToClipboard -
TIEFolderMViewCopySelectedFilesToClipboard Copy Files to Clipboard Copy the selected files to the clipboard CopySelectedFilesToClipboard -
TIEFolderMViewPasteFilesFromClipboard Paste Files from Clipboard Paste files from the clipboard to this folder PasteFilesFromClipboard -
TIEFolderMViewRenameSelectedFile Rename File Specify a new name for the selected file RenameFile -