ImageEn for Delphi and C++ Builder ImageEn for Delphi and C++ Builder
ImageEn, The most powerful image display and editing library for Delphi and C++ Builder


ImageEn is an extensive component suite for image editing, display and analysis written in pure VCL code for Delphi and C++ Builder, and is also available for .NET.  Thousands of software developers use ImageEn to add powerful multimedia functionality to their applications.  Learn how easy it is to enhance your software with ImageEn!


Rapidly build powerful multimedia applications with ImageEn

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ImageEn News

20 Jun. 20  V9.1.1 update for the ImageEn, with strong focus on bug fixes and stability
20 Jun. 20  Minor update to IEVision, Advanced Plug-In for ImageEn
11 Jun. 20  Two new demos: All Components and Batch Converter
8 Jun. 20  IEvolution for .NET, v8.0.0 released, with new interactive tools, localization in 15 languages and much more
7 Jun. 20  Updated 32 and 64bit ImageMagick Plug-ins to add a wider range of image formats to ImageEn
27 May 20  ImageEn v9.1.0 released with Retouch tools, performance enhancements and much more
27 May 20  IEVision Performance update, v5.3.0, doubling the speed of OCR on modern systems
27 May 20  Three new demos: Retouch Tools, IERichText Actions and RGB Channel Editing
12 Apr. 20  Huge v9.0.0 update for ImageEn with customizable toolbars and popup menus, layer property component, 50 new actions and so much more
12 Apr. 20  IEVision, Advanced Plug-In for ImageEn, v5.2.0 released with new demos and other enhancements
12 Apr. 20  Three new demos: ImageEnMView with Viewer, Face Recognizer (Video) and Number Plate Blurring
24 Nov. 19  V8.7.6 update for ImageEn with updated LibRaw, layer improvements and various enhancements and fixes
24 Nov. 19  IEVision, Advanced Plug-In for ImageEn, v5.1.1 updated with support for latest camera raw formats
4 Nov. 19  New 8.7.5 update to ImageEn adding database layer support, PNG format icons and more
4 Nov. 19  Two new demos: DB Layer Saving and DICOM Viewer Demo
13 Sep. 19  ImageEn v8.7.0 released with rich text formatting for text layers and much more
13 Sep. 19  Three new demos: TIETextLayers demo, Custom Layer Drawing and Rich Editor Demo
10 Jun. 19  ImageEn updated to v8.6.0 with new Angle Layers, enhanced database support and many improvements to TImageEnFolderMView (More info)
10 Jun. 19  Minor update for IEVision, Advanced Plug-In for ImageEn
10 Jun. 19  Five new demos: Windows Explorer-style demo, Simple FireDac Demo, FireDac Image Demo, FireDac Path Demo, FireDac Multi-Frame Demo and FireDac Thumbnail Demo
10 Jun. 19  Trial editions now available for ImageEn and IEVision


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Release Status
ImageEn Version: 9.1.1
IEVision Version: 5.3.0B
IEvolution Version: 8.0.0