ImageEn, unit iexMetaHelpers

Advanced Meta Helpers

iexMetaHelpers.pas provides helper functions for working with the EXIF and IPTC meta data in compatible files (e.g. JPEG and TIFF files). It includes an array of all common EXIF fields and provides methods for reading and writing fields by ID, as well as displaying and saving data in a TStringGrid or TListView. Also supports DICOM meta data.

Simply add iexMetaHelpers to your uses clause to access the new methods.

IOParams EXIF Helper Functions

Provide string formatted access (human-readable) to some EXIF properties:
Public Property  EXIF_AsStr
Public Property  EXIF_CanWriteEXIFData
Public Property  EXIF_FieldDescription
Public Property  EXIF_Camera_Str
Public Property  EXIF_SubjectArea_Str
Public Property  EXIF_SubjectLocation_Str

IOParams XMP Helper Functions

Helper functions for XMP meta-data:
Public Property  XMP_AsStr
Public Property  XMP_AsInt
Public Property  XMP_AsDateTime

IOParams Meta-Data Output Functions

Helper functions to output EXIF, IPTC, Dicom and XMP fields to a TStrings Object:
Public Method  EXIF_WriteToStrings
Public Method  IPTC_WriteToStrings
Public Method  Dicom_WriteToStrings
Public Method  XMP_WriteToStrings

StringGrid Helper Functions

Helper functions to output EXIF, IPTC and Dicom fields to a TStringGrid:
Public Method  NewGridForExif
Public Method  ReadGridFromExif
Public Method  WriteGridToExif
Public Method  NewGridForIPTC
Public Method  ReadGridFromIPTC
Public Method  WriteGridToIPTC
Public Method  ReadGridFromDicom
Public Method  ReadGridFromXMP
Public Method  InitializeGrid
Public Method  ClearGridFields

ListView Helper Functions

Helper functions to output EXIF and IPTC fields to a TListView:
Public Method  NewListForExif
Public Method  ReadListFromExif
Public Method  WriteListToExif
Public Method  NewListForIPTC
Public Method  ReadListFromIPTC
Public Method  WriteListToIPTC
Public Method  ReadListFromDicom
Public Method  ReadListFromXMP
Public Method  InitializeList
Public Method  ClearListFields

Global EXIF Methods

Global Method  DateTimeToEXIFDate
Global Method  EXIFDateToDateTime
Global Method  EXIFCompatibleFile
Global Method  GetExifOrFileCreationDate
Global Method  ReadEXIFCameraFieldsFromFile
Global Method  ReadEXIFGPSFieldsFromFile

Global IPTC Methods

Global Method  IPTCCompatibleFile
Global Method  ReadIPTCDescriptionAndKeywordsFromFile
Global Method  WriteIPTCDescriptionAndKeywordsToFile

Global Dicom Methods

Global Method  DicomCompatibleFile
Global Method  IEGetDicomTagDescription

Global XMP Methods

Global Method  XMPCompatibleFile

* Note: Delphi/C++ 2005 or newer is required to use helper classes