ImageEn, unit imageenio




procedure SaveToFilePDF(const FileName: WideString);


Saves the current image or layers to a file in Adobe PDF format.
FileName is the file name including extension.
The size of the page will be specified by PDF_PaperWidth and PDF_PaperHeight. Margins are specified by PDF_PageMargin.
Image position and size is affected by PDF_ImageOptions.

The following TIELayer features are not supported when exporting to PDF:
- Gradient fills
- Mask layers
- For text layers, only 90 deg. rotations are supported. Rich text formatting is not supported. To work around this,You might want to convert the text layers to images before saving.

- If PdfViewer is enabled, all pages of the PdfViewer will be saved
- Otherwise the created file will have only one page. See CreatePDFFile to create multi-page PDF files.
- If an internal save error is encountered Aborting will return true. Saving issues due to insufficient write permissions and disk write failures will raise an exception.
- To abort while saving set Aborting to true
- Read more about ImageEn PDF Support

Example 1

// Convert a BMP image to PDF

Example 2

// Create a scalable PDF document containing text and a shape


// Add a yellow explosion shape layer at size 220 x 120
ImageEnView1.LayersAdd( iesExplosion, 50, 50, 220, 120 );
ImageEnView1.CurrentLayer.FillColor   := clYellow;
ImageEnView1.CurrentLayer.BorderWidth := 0;

// Add a text layer
ImageEnView1.LayersAdd( ielkText );
ImageEnView1.LayersAdd( 'This is an Explosion', 42, clRed, 'Arial Black', [fsBold] );
ImageEnView1.CurrentLayer.PosX := IELayer_Pos_HCenter;
ImageEnView1.CurrentLayer.PosY := IELayer_Pos_VCenter;

// Save it

Example 3

// Merge two PDF documents
ImageEnView1.PdfViewer.Enabled := True;
ImageEnView1.IO.LoadFromFilePDF( 'C:\document.pdf' );
ImageEnView1.PdfViewer.ImportPages( 'C:\morepages.pdf' );
ImageEnView1.IO.SaveToFilePDF( 'C:\merged.pdf' );

See Also

- CreatePDFFile
- SaveToPDF
- IECreatePDFFromFileList