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Posted - Nov 17 2020 :  22:47:51  Show Profile  Reply
Some results from our recent user survey...

Xequte Software


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Posted - Nov 17 2020 :  23:29:06  Show Profile  Reply
Responses to some user feedback...

Do you send me a renewal quote when it's time to renew? I can't remember receiving them from you, but usually when I get renewal quotes, I renew.

You will get an automatic reminder when your registration is due. Though this won't happen if you purchased via a reseller.

Otherwise you can extend at ImageEn Registration at:

The last few times I installed, my work network would not let me download. I had to bring my computer home from work to successfully install.

It's possible your system blocks the installer from downloading the packages. In that case, just manually download all of the packages you need and put them in the same folder as the installer exe. There is a link to the downloads in the registration email.

How can I insert pictures and tables in IERichEdit

In change:

{.$define RichEditObjectSupport}


{$define RichEditObjectSupport}

Please consider a "crop to page" feature. Something akin to cell phone PDF apps that allow you to take a picture of a piece of paper and then it automatically gets cropped to the page.

Have you tried AutoCrop?

Having a C# equivalent would be great

We have a .NET version, IEvolution

One reason for purchasing an update was faster loading images from WIC. But since that loses the EXIF information, I could not use it.

EXIF support with WIC is on the to-do list. You can also use the IELib DLL which provides comparable performance to WIC.

The documentation and code demos tend to be focused on Delphi with lesser help with C++Builder

Most of our users are on Delphi and so we tend to focus on creating demos in that version. Most of the demos are very simple and can be converted with minimal effort, but if you have any difficulty, let us know.
We have BCB versions of our more complex demos, such as OCR and bar code scanning.

In some applications we use ImageEnView to display maps in GeoTif format. In this format the geographical position of the map is also stored in the file. It would be helpful to get these data directly with ImageEn, currently we use an open source tool to read out the data.

Please see the discussion at:

And let us know if you need more.

Looking forward to a Firemonkey version

There is an FireMonkey version of ImageEn available for registered users. Though it is Windows only at this time.

Addition of vector graphic like features such as circles, lines, etc.

That is supported via vector layers:

From a distribution point of view, maybe 2-3 DLL files for IEVision would be better than one big one...

That is something we have looked at, but there is a lot of overlap with the libraries used, so the gains would not be significant.

I would like to have layers that are not constrained to the size of the image, but may have off-image areas, that would become visible on the image only if the layer position/area intersects with the image canvas.

That is an option. Please see:

Have you ever tried to incorporate libjpg-turbo to speed up jpeg loading/saving?

Yes, earlier in the year we tested implementing the TurboJPEG library and found no discernible performance improvement over our existing libraries (using the IELib DLL), and there were a few deprecations.

More image editing features : Automatic color correction of images

Have you had issues with the existing automatic color correction methods in TImageEnProc?


It would be cool if ImageEn could be used as a basis for a GIS application. If there was a way to manage tiling of Open Street Map, Aerials

Is this different from the TIESlippyMap functionality?

OCR and PDF with color images

We have added support for color images when generating PDF in IEVision v5.4.1.

Support for multi-threading

Multithreading is supported for many functions. Is there something specific you are looking for?

Support of Text effects (Fonts) in ImageEnVect: I need outline fonts

Styling and other improvements for text layers are on the to-do list. Though it will not apply to TImageEnVect text objects, but TIETextLayers

Also see:

I need to display multiple IP cameras in the same program

Have you tried the demo: \Demos\VideoCapture\MView_VideoCapture\mviewcap.dpr

It uses a TImageEnMView to display multiple video feeds.

Streamline tiff and PDF compression you always want the best compression in final file storage

ImageEn supports all the standard compression options there. Is there something specific you are looking for?

Image Magick Plug-in is hard to implement

Supporting the installed ImageMagick can be troublesome, so it might be better just using the DLL version from our download page:

Can I reduce the size of exe when using ImageEn?

If you open, you can undefine parts of the library that you donít need to reduce EXE size.

Sizing text by dragging the grips

If you set TextOverflow := ieoShrink, then you can specify a big font size and the grips then control the text.

I need Non-English usage

Actions and dialogs can be switched to Chinese and other languages

I need Database support

Have you tried TIEDBBitmap?

Zooming filters. Some do not look good

Have you tried the Zoom Filters demo? Some filters donít work well with Monochrome images.

Can you improve recognition rate of OCR

OCR is built on Tesseract, so we are limited by the functionality of that library. In general, I find the results of the OCR very good as long as the input images have good resolution (particularly with the latest Tesseract release).

I enabled tablet pen pressure by using another library

Weíve add pen pressure support in v9.2.6. Though it requires Delphi 10.3 Rio or newer.

A sourcecode only distribution would be appreciated, instead of installer, which it is not clear what it does exactly

Actually, this is available. Please email me.

When saving as a JPEG, it is good to specify the quality level like Adobe Photoshop and save with high quality image quality with little deterioration

Have you seen the JPEG params at:

Such as JPEG_Quality:

It is important to embed an ICC profile and support color management

Please see:

It would be nice to be able to handle the detailed settings of JPEG2000

Please see the JPEG2000 params:

It might be useful to create an application similar to Paint .net etc. based on the ImageEn components supported via a community. This way normal users can use the application independently and it would be a great demo application for developers too. Furthermore it would be a good advertisement for ImageEn and its functionality

Iíve been steadily improving the Complete Editor application. Iíd like to expand this to include all ImageEn features when time permits.

I've added some extra functionality into existing ImageEn Delphi code. And migration to a new version requires to migrate all my small changes

If these changes would benefit other users, please forward them to me and we may include them in the code.

Xequte Software
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Posted - Nov 17 2020 :  23:33:57  Show Profile  Reply
Some other feedback:

- Thanks for all your hard work with ImageEn and IEVision
- Great library, worth every cent!
- Keep up your good work. I sometimes feel sorry of not having more chances to use ImageEn because is so well crafted. Best wishes from Italy
- ImageEn is a very important part of my program. Personally I would not mind if the price was raised.
- Without imageen and some other big VCL companies, Delphi could not live.
- thank you so much to develop it. people thanks me everyday when they uses my app developed using imageen.
- Thanks and best of luck
- Imageen is a verry good tool. I use it for a long Time more then 10 Years
- ImageEn is for me a good product with a wide range of graphic functions. Good work

Thank you

Xequte Software
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Posted - Nov 18 2020 :  06:03:29  Show Profile  Reply
Just want to add a comment: ImageEn has the best component installer I've seen so far (it didn't fail a single time). Other component packages from other vendors don't have any installer at all or have error-prone installers.
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Posted - Nov 18 2020 :  14:39:01  Show Profile  Reply
Thanks Peter

Xequte Software
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