ImageEn, unit iesettings




property ActivePlugIns: TIEPlugIns;


Returns all of the plug-in DLLs that have been loaded.
You should call RegisterPlugIns once in your application to register plug-ins.
After, you can query ActivePlugIns to see which plug-ins are available.

The following plug-ins are supported:
Plug-In Const Description
IELib iepiIELib Support for Camera Raw formats, and faster loading of JPEG, PNG and JPEG2000
IEVision iepiIEVision Advanced functionality plug-in
IELang iepiLanguages Localization of the ImageEn user interface and actions in over twenty languages
PDFium iepiPDFium Viewing and manipulation of PDF files
ImageMagick iepiImageMagick Support for a wider range of image formats (supports both installed and DLL-only versions)
SevenZip iepiSevenZip Support for ZIP files -



// Enable Raw support if IELib DLL is available (assumes it has been initialized if available)
chkShowRaw.Enabled := iepiIELib in IEGlobalSettings().ActivePlugIns;

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