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TIERichEdit Actions

ImageEn includes a large set of actions for ImageEnView, Layers, ImageEnMView , ImageEnFolderMView and IERichEdit components to allow you to rapidly develop your UI (and instantly localize in twenty-five languages).

TIERichEdit Actions can be used with a TIERichEdit or standard TRichEdit.

To use actions:

1. Add a TActionList component to your form
2. Double-click your TActionList to open it
3. Select "New Standard Action"
4. Scroll down to the ImageEnView actions, select the ones you require and click OK
5. Assign the actions to menu items and buttons


Demo  Demos\Actions\Actions_IERichEdit\RichEditActions.dpr

Base Properties
Published Property  RichEdit Optional property: Specify a TIERichEdit or TRichEdit if you have multiple on a form and want to limit actions to one of them
Published Property  RequiresFocus If enabled, actions have no effect unless a TIERichEdit is focused, otherwise actions work and change whatever control is focused. You must set this to true, or use the RichEdit property if you have multiple TIERichEdits on a form (Default: False)


- You can set MsgLanguage to localize the actions
- Some actions include shortcuts. The VCL does not allow these to be cleared at design-time. Disable them at run-time as follows: IERichEdit1PromptToOpen1.ShortCut := 0;
- See the list of the default ImageIndexes if you are planning to add graphics to your actions

Action List

Action Name Description Associated Method Supports TIERichEdit Supports TRichEdit
TIERichEditAlignCenter Center Text Center the text Paragraph      
TIERichEditAlignJustify Justify Text Justify the text Paragraph      
TIERichEditAlignLeft Align Text Left Align text to the left Paragraph      
TIERichEditAlignRight Align Text Right Align text to the right Paragraph      
TIERichEditBold Bold Bold text SelAttributes      
TIERichEditBullets Bullets Add bullets to selection Paragraph      
TIERichEditCopy Copy Copy to clipboard TIERichEdit TextMethods      
TIERichEditCut Cut Cut to clipboard TIERichEdit TextMethods      
TIERichEditDecreaseFontSize Reduce Font Reduce the font size SelAttributes      
TIERichEditDelete Delete Delete selected text TIERichEdit TextMethods      
TIERichEditFindDialog Find... Search for text in your document FindDialog      
TIERichEditFindNext Find Next Find next instance of the text FindNext      
TIERichEditIncreaseFontSize Enlarge Font Enlarge the font size SelAttributes      
TIERichEditInsertImage Insert Image... Browse for an image to insert into your document InsertImage      
TIERichEditInsertLink Insert Link... Insert a web link InsertLink      
TIERichEditInsertObjectDialog Insert Object... Insert an object into your document InsertObjectDialog      
TIERichEditItalic Italic Italicize text SelAttributes      
TIERichEditNewDocument Clear Clear the document Clear      
TIERichEditNumbering Numbering Add numbering to the selection Paragraph      
TIERichEditObjectPropertiesDialog Object Properties... Display the Object Properties dialog ObjectPropertiesDialog      
TIERichEditPaste Paste Paste from the clipboard TIERichEdit TextMethods      
TIERichEditPasteSpecial Paste Plain Paste from the clipboard as plain text PasteAsPlainText      
TIERichEditPasteSpecialDialog Paste Special... Custom paste content from the clipboard PasteSpecialDialog      
TIERichEditPromptToOpen Open File... Open a file PromptToOpen      
TIERichEditPromptToPrint Print Print document TIERichEdit TextMethods      
TIERichEditPromptToSave Save as... Save to file with new name PromptToSave      
TIERichEditRedo Redo Redo Redo      
TIERichEditRemoveFormatting Clear Formatting Remove formatting from the selection RemoveCurrentFormatting      
TIERichEditReplaceDialog Replace... Batch find and replace text in your document ReplaceDialog      
TIERichEditSave Save Save to file SaveToFile      
TIERichEditSaveSelectedImage Save Image... Save the selected image to a file SaveSelectedImage      
TIERichEditSelectAll Select All Select all content TIERichEdit TextMethods      
TIERichEditSelectFont Select Font... Select a font PromptForFont      
TIERichEditSetZoom Set Zoom Display document at a different zoom level PromptForColor      
TIERichEditSpellChecking Highlight Spelling Errors Mark misspelled words in your text SpellChecking      
TIERichEditUnderline Underline Underline text SelAttributes      
TIERichEditUndo Undo Undo Undo      
TIERichEditZoomFullSize Zoom to Full Size Display image at full size (100% zoom) Zoom      
TIERichEditZoomIn Zoom In Display image larger Zoom      
TIERichEditZoomOut Zoom Out Display image smaller Zoom      
TIERichEditFontSize Adjust zoom Increase/decreaze the font size (depending on whether top or bottom of control is clicked) SelAttributes