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function RegisterPlugIns(PlugIns: TIEPlugIns = []; IEVisionUserEmail: WideString = ''; IEVisionUserSerial: WideString = ''; ExeFolderOnly: Boolean = True): TIEPlugIns;


Registers all available plug-in DLL's to add image formats and advanced functionality to ImageEn.
Parameter Description
PlugIns Which plug-ins to check for and load, or [] for all
IEVisionUserEmail, IEVisionUserSerial If you have purchased IEVision specify your email and serial number. Leave blank to run IEVision in trial mode
ExeFolderOnly Whether to search only the EXE folder or the system path for plug-ins. Setting to false may make the method much slower

You should call RegisterPlugIns once in your application (ideally at application start-up). There is no risk to calling RegisterPlugIns multiple times.

The following plug-ins are loaded if available:
Plug-In Description Equivalent Methods
IELib (iepiIELib) Support for Camera Raw formats, and faster loading of JPEG, PNG and JPEG2000 IELibAvailable
IEVision (iepiIEVision) Advanced functionality plug-in IEVisionSetSerialNumber and IEVisionAvailable
IELang (iepiLanguages) Localization of the ImageEn user interface and actions in over twenty languages IELangAvailable
PDFium (iepiPDFium) Viewing and manipulation of PDF files PDFiumLibAvailable
ImageMagick (iepiImageMagick) Support for a wider range of image formats (supports both installed and DLL-only versions) IsAvailable and RegisterPlugin

Most plug-ins can be downloaded from:

Result is equivalent to: ActivePlugIns

- If loading fails, you can get debugging information from: DLLLoadingLog
- The expected version of IELib/IEVision is available from: ImageEnVersion.IELibVersionStr


// Register all available plug-ins

// Register all available plug-ins (IEVision user)
IEGlobalSettings().RegisterPlugIns( [], '', 'ievis-12345-67890-12345-67890-12345-67890' );

// Register only IEVision
IEGlobalSettings().RegisterPlugIns( [iepiIEVision], '', 'ievis-12345-67890-12345-67890-12345-67890' );
if not ( iepiIEVision in IEGlobalSettings().ActivePlugIns ) then
  ShowMessage( 'This application requires the ievision.dll plug-in, v' + IEGlobalSettings().ImageEnVersion.IELibVersionStr +'. Please download it from' );

// Register the PDFium Plug-In DLL and show a warning if not found
IEGlobalSettings().RegisterPlugIns([ iepiPDFium ]);
if not ( iepiPDFium in IEGlobalSettings().ActivePlugIns ) then
  ShowMessage( 'PDF DLL not found. Please reinstall.' );

// Change language to Italian and show warning if ielang32.dll is not found
IEGlobalSettings().RegisterPlugIns([ iepiLanguages ]);
if not ( iepiLanguages in IEGlobalSettings().ActivePlugIns ) then
  ShowMessage( 'IELang32.dll not found. Please reinstall.' )
  IEGlobalSettings().MsgLanguage := msItalian;

See Also

- ActivePlugIns
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