We have 250 demos projects to test our features. Ensure you try the key demos first, which will give a good overview. They are located in the Demo sub-folder where you installed ImageEn, or click the "Run Demo" button to preview the pre-compiled demo.

Key Demos

Demo Description Demo Project Folder Compiled Demo
All Components Overview of the twelve key ImageEn components Other\AllComps\AllComponents.dpr   
All Edit Methods Preview over 250 effects, analysis and editing methods in a single demo Other\EveryMethod\EveryMethod.dpr   
Complete Editor Complete image editing application showing many key features
Explorer Demo A Windows Explorer style demo using a TIEFolderTree and TImageEnFolderMView Multi\Explorer\ExplorerDemo.dpr   
Layer Editing Usage of image, shape, text, polygon and line layers

Action Demos

Demo Description Demo Project Folder Compiled Demo
ImageEnView Actions Image application built using only ImageEnView actions Actions\Actions_Viewer\ViewerActions.dpr   
ImageEn Layer Actions Image Layering application built using only ImageEnView Layer actions Actions\Actions_Layers\LayerActions.dpr   
ImageEnMFolderView Actions Folder thumbnail application built using only TImageEnFolderMView actions Actions\Actions_Folder\FolderMViewActions.dpr   
ImageEnMView Actions Multiple Image and thumbnail application built using only ImageEnMView actions Actions\Actions_MView\MViewActions.dpr   
PDF Viewer Actions Demo of actions for viewing and manipulation of Adobe PDF Files, including text searching and selection, form editing, and page importing, moving and deletion Other\PdfViewer\PdfViewerActions.dpr   
Rich Text Actions Demo of the actions for TIERichEdit and the TIERichEditToolbar component Actions\Actions_IERichEdit\RichEditActions.dpr   
All Actions Demo showing all ImageEn actions (400+) available to rapidly build applications Actions\AllActions\AllActions.dpr   

Database Demos

Demo Description Demo Project Folder Compiled Demo
Simple Database Demo Display of an image stored within a database blob field of the active record using FireDAC and a TIEDBBitmap Database\DBDemo_Simple\DBBitmapFD.dpr   
Database Demo Display and editing of an image stored within a database blob field using FireDAC and a TIEDBBitmap Database\DBDemo\DemoDB.dpr   
Database Path Demo Display of a locally stored image referenced by a path field in a database using FireDAC and a TIEDBBitmap Database\DBPath\DBPath.dpr   
Database Layers Demo Adding annotations to an image stored within a database blob field using FireDAC and a TIEDBBitmap Database\DBDemo_Layers\DBDemoLayers.dpr   
Database Thumbnail Viewer Use of FireDAC and a TIEDBMultiBitmap to make a data-aware TImageEnMView that displays thumbnails of all images in a database table Database\DBMultiBitmap_AllRecords\DBMultiBitmapFD.dpr   
Database Multi-Frame Demo Use of FireDAC and a TIEDBMultiBitmap to make a data-aware TImageEnMView that displays a multi-frame image at the current position of a database table Database\DBMultiBitmap_MultiFrame\DBMultiBitmapFD2.dpr   

Display Demos

Demo Description Demo Project Folder Compiled Demo
"Coverflow" Effect Demo of "Coverflow" style effect using a TImageEnMView
"Coverflow" Effect (Manual) Demo of "Coverflow" style effect (output to an TImageEnView) Display\ManualFlow\ManualFlow.dpr   
Display Adjustment Adjust Contrast, color and brightness of the displayed image Display\DisplayAdjust\Display.dpr   
External Bitmap Using an external bitmap as the source display for TImageEnView Display\ExternalBitmap\ExternalBMP.dpr   
Image Comparison Compare the content of two images side-by-side using a Navigator Display\ImageComp\ImageComp.dpr   
Magnifier 1 Magnify a portion of an image using a second TImageEnView Display\Magnify\Magnify.dpr   
Magnifier 2 Magnify a portion of an image using a layer Display\Magnify2\Magnify2.dpr   
Navigator Use of SetNavigator to show the currently viewable portion of the image Display\Navigator\Navigator.dpr   
Pan-Zoom Effects Adding interest to static image with Pan-Zoom ("Ken Burns") effects Display\PanZoomEffects\PanZoom.dpr   
Photosphere Viewer Interactive display of "Equirectangular" images (Google Android PhotoSphere 360 panoramic images) Display\Photosphere\Photosphere.dpr   
Project Draw Effect Use of ProjectDraw for advanced image display effects Display\ProjectDraw\ProjectDraw.dpr   
Soft-Pan Navigation Navigate an image with the cursor (using MouseInteractGeneral = miMovingScroll) Display\SoftPan\SoftPan.dpr   
Transition Effects Use of transition effects to smooth the changing of images during a slideshow
Zoom Filter Comparison Display of all the available ZoomFilter effects for image smoothing Display\ZoomFilter\ZoomFilter.dpr   


Note: Demos require the IEVision Plug-in. A trial version is available from:

Demo Description Demo Project Folder Compiled Demo
Barcode Reading (Delphi/C++) Reading of all common barcode types, including QR code
Detect Barcodes in a Video Automatically detect barcodes in a live video stream IEVision\BarcodeCam\BarCodeCam.dpr   
Background Removal from Images Subtracting the background from an image using a source background image
Background Removal from Video Automatically subtract/replace the background of a video stream IEVision\BackgroundSubtract\BackgroundSubtract.dpr   
Blob Detection Detect, count and select shapes within an image
Classifier Training Training a classifier to recognize desired objects in an image using positive and negative samples
Denoising Color Photos Use of Non-local Means Denoising to reduce the noise in color images IEVision\Denoising\Denoising.dpr   
Exposure Fusion Merge images taken with multiple exposures into a single image IEVision\ExposureFusion\ExposureFusion.dpr   
Face Detection Detect and track faces, eyes, mouths, etc., in a video stream IEVision\FaceDetection\FaceDetect.dpr   
Face Detection (Low Level) Detect and track faces, eyes, mouths, etc., in a video stream (low level method) IEVision\FaceDetection_LowLevel\FaceDetect.dpr   
Find Faces in Photo Detect faces in an image
Find People in Photo (Delphi/C++) Detect people in an image
Facial Recognition Locate known faces in images using an image database
Find Objects using Classifiers Detect specific objects in an image using classifiers loaded from file, e.g. stop signs, silverware and clocks IEVision\GetWithClassifier\GetMisc.dpr   
Facial Recognition (Video) Locate known faces in a video stream from a connected camera IEVision\FaceRecognizerVideo\FaceRecognizerVideo.dpr   
Generate Searchable PDF Use OCR to convert multiple source images to a searchable PDF file IEVision\GenerateSearchablePDF\GenerateSearchablePDF.dpr   
GrabCut selection Automatically select the main subject within an image
Image Alignment Automatically align an image using homography
Inpaint Brush Use IEVision's inpainting method to patch an image IEVision\Inpaint_Brush\Inpaint_Brush.dpr   
Inpaint Selection Use IEVision's inpainting method to patch a selected area of an image
Line Detection Lines within an image are detected and assigned as line layers IEVision\LinesDetect\LinesDetect.dpr   
Line Detection (Video) Detect and draw lines in real time video IEVision\LinesDetectVideo\LinesDetectVideo.dpr   
Neural Network Processing Using a Neural Network (with local model files) to classify objects, detect text and upscale images
Number Plate Blurring Blur any car number plates found in an image IEVision\NumberPlateBlurring\GetPlate.dpr   
OCR (Delphi/C++) Recognize text in an image
OCR with Layout Recognize text and layout in an image IEVision\OCRWithLayout\OCRWithLayout.dpr   
Pattern Matching Search an image for the position of template images
Multi Pattern Matching Search an image for all positions of a template image IEVision\PatternMatchingMulti\PatternMatchingMulti.dpr   
Pattern Matching with Map Search an image for the position of a template image and returning a map of comparison results IEVision\PatternMatchingMap\PatternMatchingMap.dpr   
Photo Stitching Stitching of multiple photos of a scene into a single panoramic image
Track Objects (Delphi/C++) Click to track an object in a video stream
Track Objects (Low Level) Click to track an object in a video stream (low level method) IEVision\TrackObjects_LowLevel\TrackObjects.dpr   
Warp Transformation Tool Using the Transform Tool to warp the image using a Thin Plate Spline Shape Transformation IEVision\TPSShapeTransform\TPSShapeTransform.dpr   
Watershed Selection Automatically select objects by painting markers

Image Acquisition Demos

Demo Description Demo Project Folder Compiled Demo
Acquire from Any Source Acquisition from any source: Twain, WIA and connected cameras and cards
IP Camera Capture Capturing from an IP camera (which send a stream of JPEG images) ImageAcquisition\CaptFromIPCamera\CaptIPCamera.dpr   
Portable Devices Browser Browse content of connected cameras and smart phones in a TImageEnFolderMView ImageAcquisition\PortableDevicesBrowser\WPDBrowser.dpr   
Portable Devices Demo Use of the WPD API to access content on connected devices ImageAcquisition\PortableDevices\WPDDemo.dpr   
Take Photo with WIA Take a snapshot from a WIA device ImageAcquisition\TakePhoto\TakePhoto.dpr   
Twain Scanner Acquisition and configuration of a Twain scanner ImageAcquisition\Twain\TwainDemo.dpr   
Twain Settings Storage Loading and saving of settings from a Twain device ImageAcquisition\TwainStore\TwainStore.dpr   
WIA Acquisition Retrieval of images from a camera using WIA ImageAcquisition\CameraGetImages\CameraGetImages.dpr   
WIA Scanner Acquisition of images from cameras and scanners using WIA ImageAcquisition\WIAScanner\WIAScanner.dpr   

Image Analysis Demos

Demo Description Demo Project Folder Compiled Demo
Automatic orientation Using SkewDetection to automatically rotate poorly scanned images
Color Density Analysis Calculate the pixel density within an image ImageAnalysis\DensityAnalysis\DensityAnalysis.dpr   
Color Histogram Display histograms of the color density within an image
Fourier Transformation Create a Fourier Transformation for an image ImageAnalysis\FFT\FFT.dpr   
Get Palette Display the color palette of an image ImageAnalysis\Palette\Palette.dpr   
Image Similarity Use an algorithm to determine the similarity of two images ImageAnalysis\Compare\Compare.dpr   
Measurement Accurate measurement of lengths and areas within images (using miMeasureLength, miMeasureRect, miMeasureEllipse, miMeasurePath and miMeasureAngle of MouseInteractGeneral)
Pixel Viewer Display the color of the current pixel under the cursor ImageAnalysis\PixelView\PixelView.dpr   
Separate Objects Detect and separate all objects in an image ImageAnalysis\SeparateObjects\SeparateObjects.dpr   
Show Image Differences Calculate and display the differences between two images ImageAnalysis\ImagesDiff\ImagesDiff.dpr   

Image Editing Demos

Demo Description Demo Project Folder Compiled Demo
Complete Editor Complete image editing application showing many key features ImageEditing\CompleteEditor\PhotoEn.dpr   
All Editing and Effects Methods Preview over 250 effects, analysis and editing methods on an image
Add Border Add a border to an image ImageEditing\AddBorder\AddBorder.dpr   
Add Picture Frame Using masks to add border effects to images ImageEditing\PictureFrames\Frames.dpr   
Alpha Channel Editing Editing of alpha channel to create images with transparency ImageEditing\Alpha\AlphaTest.dpr   
Animated GIF Creator Using ImageEn to create and animate multiple frame GIF files ImageEditing\AnimatedGIF\GifDemo.dpr   
Automatic Enhancement Various algorithms to automatically adjust the color of an image ImageEditing\AutoEnhance\AutoAdjust.dpr   
Brush Effects Using brush and paint effects on an image ImageEditing\Brush\BrushTest.dpr   
Brush Tool Using the in-built Brush Tool to paint onto an image
Chroma Key Removal Remove the Chroma Key background from an image (e.g. a subject in front of a "Green-Screen")
Color Curve Manipulation of the colors of an image using TIEColorCurve
Copy Transparent Selection Copying and pasting transparent selections ImageEditing\CopySel\CopySel.dpr   
Clone Brush Tool Using the in-built Clone Brush Tool to copy content within an image
Cropping Tool Using the in-built Crop Tool to rotate and crop images, and perform perspective corrections ImageEditing\CropTool\CropTool.dpr   
Dithering Reduction of colors in an image and dithering methods ImageEditing\Dithering\Dithering.dpr   
Draw Text and Borders Adding text and borders to an image ImageEditing\DrawText\DrawText.dpr   
Effects Chain Editor Apply a series of image editing and color effects to an image
Embedded Editing Controls Live editing and color adjustments of an image using a TIEEditControls component ImageEditing\EditControls_Embedded\EditControls.dpr   
Image Editing Dialog Using a TIEEditControls component to provide a custom image editing dialog for your users ImageEditing\EditControls_Dialog\EditControls.dpr   
Flood Fill Tool Using the Fill Tool to replace the color within an image with a new color or transparency ImageEditing\FillTool\FillTool.dpr   
Icon Editor Icon editing application ImageEditing\IconEditor\IconEditor.dpr   
Image Resizing Resizing an image to keep only a portion of it (Note: does not demonstrate stretching/scaling) ImageEditing\Resize\Resize.dpr   
Lens Effect Demo of the Lens effect ImageEditing\Lens\LensTest.dpr   
Lossless JPEG Editing Perform a lossless crop or rotation of a JPEG (i.e. no quality loss due to re-saving) ImageEditing\LosslessJpegEdit\Lossless.dpr   
Morphing Morphing of two images ImageEditing\Morphing\Morphing.dpr   
Pencil Sketch Effect Using PencilSketch to convert an image to a pencil sketch
Radial Effect Using RadialStretch to correct barrel or pincushion distortion ImageEditing\Radial\RadialStretch.dpr   
Remove Red Eyes Removing the "Red Eye" effect from flash photos ImageEditing\RedEye\RedEye.dpr   
Replace Parts Working with selections in TImageEnView ImageEditing\ReplaceParts\ReplaceParts.dpr   
Retouch Tools Using the in-built Retouch Tools to fix an image: smudge, blur, inpaint, smooth, etc.

Rotate and Crop Automatic cropping of borders using RotateAndCrop ImageEditing\RotateAndCrop\RotateAndCrop.dpr   
Rotate Tool Using the in-built Rotate Tool to freely rotate and flip images with the mouse and keyboard ImageEditing\RotateTool\RotateTool.dpr   
Select and Crop How to select and crop an image regardless of zoom level ImageEditing\SelectAndCrop\ImageEn_Crop.dpr   
RGB Channels View and edit the red, green, blue and alpha channels of an image ImageEditing\RGBChannels\RGBChannels.dpr   
Set Transparency Set the alpha (transparency) in an image by color or selection ImageEditing\MakeTransparent\MakeTransparent.dpr   
Soft Selections Feathering a selection (to give it a soft edge) ImageEditing\SoftSelections\SoftSel.dpr   
Soft Shadow Adding a soft shadow to an image ImageEditing\SoftShadow\SoftShadow.dpr   
Threaded Processing Loading images and applying effects in a background thread using the TTask class ImageEditing\ThreadedProcessing\ThreadTest.dpr   
Threaded Processing 2 Improving processing performance using TParallel.For ImageEditing\ThreadedProcessing2\ThreadTest.dpr   
Undo/Redo Using Undo and Redo to step back though image changes
Warp Brush Click and drag the image to freely warp its content ImageEditing\WarpBrush\WarpBrush.dpr   

Layer Editing Demos

Demo Description Demo Project Folder Compiled Demo
All Layer Editing Usage of image, shape, text polygon and line layers
Image Layer Editing Usage of image layers LayerEditing\Layers_Images\Layers.dpr   
Line Layer Editing Creating and point editing line, poly-line and angle layers LayerEditing\Layers_Lines\Layers.dpr   
Text Layers Adding and editing text layers, including rich formatting
Adding Text to Images Draw text onto images using text layers LayerEditing\Layers_TextOut\TextLayers.dpr   
Dragging to Create Layers Dragging text, images and shapes onto a TImageEnView to create layers LayerEditing\DragDropLayers\Layers_DragDrop.dpr   
Custom Drawing Layers Custom drawing layers to highlight content in the background layer LayerEditing\Layers_CustomDraw\LayersDraw.dpr   
Layer Masks Using a mask to hide portions of an image layer
Layer Rotation Free rotation and resizing of layers using mouse interactions LayerEditing\RotateLayers\RotateLayers.dpr   
Magic Fill to Polygon Creates a polygon (closed TIEPolylineLayer) by performing a magic selection on an image (matching color range) LayerEditing\MagicFillToPolygon\Magic2Polygon.dpr   
Stamp Layers Add text, shapes, images and arrows directly to an image by clicking and dragging LayerEditing\StampTextAndShapes\StampLayers.dpr   
SVG Vector Layers Adding SVG, WMF and EMF vector layers to TImageEnView and dynamically loading them for highest quality
User Data in Layer Store your own custom data with layers in a TImageEnView LayerEditing\UserDataInLayer\UserDataInLayer.dpr   

Loading/Saving Demos

Demo Description Demo Project Folder Compiled Demo
Annotations in Meta-Data Add text, lines and highlighting to an image and store them in meta-data InputOutput\Annotations\Annotations.dpr   
Batch Converter Resize, Rotate, edit and convert a folder of images InputOutput\BatchConvert\BatchConvert.dpr   
Camera Raw Files Loading digital camera raw files using the ielib.dll plug-in InputOutput\CameraRaw\CameraRaw.dpr   
Custom File Format Creating and supporting your own image format InputOutput\FileFormatPlugins\FPlug.dpr   
Dicom Viewer Read and animate images of a Dicom file InputOutput\Dicom\Dicom.dpr   
Dicom Range View Dicom images and adjust the contrast range InputOutput\DicomRange\Dicom.dpr   
Dicom Tag Editor View and edit the tags in DICOM medical files InputOutput\DicomTags\DicomTags.dpr   
EXIF Editor View and edit EXIF fields from a digital camera files (JPEG, RAW, etc)
Image Encryption Encryption and decryption of images using 128bit TEA algorithm InputOutput\Encrypt\Encrypt.dpr   
Image Loading Performance Options to improve loading performance with TImageEnView InputOutput\IEViewPerformance\Performance.dpr   
ImageMagick Plug-In Using the ImageMagick plug-in to support a wider range of formats (including PDF via GhostScript) InputOutput\ImageMagick\ImageMagick.dpr   
IPTC Editor View and edit IPTC fields from a JPEG or TIFF image InputOutput\IPTC\IPTC.dpr   
Geo Maps Use the GPS data in photos to show their location on a map
Geo Maps Use of the Google Vision API to detect faces, objects, labels and text in images, as well as finding matching images and checking for adult or dangerous content
Multi-Page Image Loading Using ImageEnView buttons to navigate the images stored in a multiple-frame file, such as TIFF, GIF, MPEG, PDF, etc. InputOutput\IEViewMulti\IEViewMulti.dpr   
PDF Builder Create PDF and PS files from a selection of images InputOutput\PDFBuilder\PDFBuilder.dpr   
PDF Builder (Advanced) Create a multi-page PDF file from images, controls and/or layers InputOutput\PDFBuilder2\PDFBuilder2.dpr   
Preload Images Loading images in the background and displaying as required InputOutput\Preload\Preload.dpr   
Print Selection Print only the selected area of an image InputOutput\PrintSelected\PrintSelected.dpr   
Printing Demo Printing and print preview demo
Resource Loader Load images from resources using TIEResourceExtractor InputOutput\ResourceLoader\ResourceLoader.dpr   
Screen Capturing Capturing the content of application windows, screens and the entire desktop InputOutput\TiffHandler\TiffHandler.dpr   
TIFF Editor Edit pages and tags of TIFF files using TIETIFFHandler InputOutput\TiffHandler\TiffHandler.dpr   
Large TIFF Viewer and Editor Edit and view pages of very large TIFF files using TIETIFFHandler and TImageEnMView InputOutput\TiffHandler2\TiffHandler2.dpr   
True Raw Bitmap Format Loading and saving images in a true "Raw" format (Note: this is not the same as camera raw format) InputOutput\RealRAW\RealRAW.dpr   
Video Frame Viewer Load frames from a video or multipage file into a TImageEnMView InputOutput\LargeVideos\LargeVideos.dpr   
XMP Meta Data Display common XMP fields from JPEG, TIFF, PNG and PSD files

Multiple Image Demos

Demo Description Demo Project Folder Compiled Demo
Explorer Demo A Windows Explorer style demo using a TIEFolderTree and TImageEnFolderMView Multi\Explorer\ExplorerDemo.dpr   
Contact Sheets Output thumbnail pages to file, bitmap or printer
Create Transition Frames Inserting transition frames into a TImageEnMView or saving them to file Multi\CreateTransitionFrames\CreateTransitionFrames.dpr   
Custom Draw on Thumbnail Custom drawing of checkboxes onto thumbnails Multi\CustomThumbs2\CustomThumbs2.dpr   
Custom Draw Thumb Background Show thumbnails for images in a folder with custom drawn background
Dragging between TImageEnMViews Dragging of images between multiple TImageEnMView Multi\DragDrop_MultiView\TImageEnMView_DD.dpr   
Dragging from TImageEnMView Extracting images from multiple-image files (such as TIFF, GIF, etc.) using drag and drop Multi\DragDrop_FileList_2\TImageEnMView_FileList.dpr   
Dragging to TImageEnMView Adding images to a TImageEnMView using drag and drop Multi\DragDrop_FileList_1\FileList_TImageEnMView.dpr   
Dragging within TImageEnMView Dragging of images within a TImageEnMView Multi\DragDrop_MultiView2\Multiview2.dpr   
IEMultiBitmap Demo Use of a TIEMultiBitmap to edit multi-page TIFF files in memory Multi\MultiBitmap\MBitmap.dpr   
ImageEnFolderMView Demo Using TImageEnFolderMView to display file folders
ImageEnMView Filtering Hiding thumbnails from display based on filename and other properties Multi\Filtering\Filtering.dpr   
ImageEnMView Styles Changing styles and display modes of a TImageEnMView
ImageEnMView Preview Using a TImageEnMView with a TImageEnView for previewing and navigation Multi\MViewPreview\MViewPreview.dpr   
ImageEnMView with Viewer Attaching a TImageEnView to a TImageEnMView for previewing and navigation Multi\MView_AttachedViewer\MViewPreview.dpr   
OnDemand Loading Load Windows stock icons as they are displayed in a TImageEnMView using OnImageIDRequestEx Multi\Multi-OnDemand\MViewOnRequest.dpr   
Performance Features Overview of TImageEnMView options that improve performance Multi\MViewPerformance\Performance.dpr   
Print Multiview Frame Print the selected frame of a multiple-image file such as AVI, TIFF and GIF Multi\Multiview_PrintFrame\Multiview.dpr   
Thumbnail Buttons Adding buttons to each of your thumbnails
Thumbnail Viewer Using TImageEnMView to show thumbnails for images in a folder Multi\Thumbnails\Thumbs.dpr   
Thumbnails with Checkboxes Using Checkboxes to select thumbnails Multi\Checkboxes\Checkboxes.dpr   
Styled Thumbnails Show thumbnails with preset styles Multi\Thumbnails2\Thumbs.dpr   
View All Frames Use TImageEnMView to view frames and animate multiple-image files such as AVI, TIFF and GIF Multi\Multiview\Multi.dpr   
View Meta-data Annotations Display Wang annotations and ImageEn layers from the meta-data of images in TImageEnMView and TImageEnView Multi\Multiview2\Multiview2.dpr   
Virtual Multi-Bitmap Use of a virtual TIEMultiBitmap to display frames that are generated only as needed Multi\VirtualMultiBitmap\VirtualMultiBitmap.dpr   

Video Capture Demos

Demo Description Demo Project Folder Compiled Demo
DirectShow Capture to AVI Capture of video to AVI file using DirectShow VideoCapture\DirectShow4\DShowCap.dpr   
DirectShow Delayed Capture Delayed display of captured video using DirectShow VideoCapture\DirectShow5\DShowCap.dpr   
DirectShow Frame Capture Capture of frames (to TImageEnMView) using DirectShow VideoCapture\DirectShow3\DShowCap.dpr   
DirectShow Multiple Videos Using a TImageEnMView to display multiple video feeds VideoCapture\MView_VideoCapture\mviewcap.dpr   
DirectShow to JPEG Stream Capture of video to JPEG stream using DirectShow VideoCapture\DirectShow6\DShowCap.dpr   
DirectShow Video Capture 1 Video capture using DirectShow
DirectShow Video Capture 2 Video capture using DirectShow VideoCapture\DirectShow2\DShowCap.dpr   
DirectShow Video Effects Adding effects to captured video with DirectShow VideoCapture\VideoEffects\DShowCap.dpr   
DirectShow Video Player Video player using DirectShow VideoCapture\VideoPlayer\VideoPlayer.dpr   
MMF Camera Grabbing Grabbing video from a camera using Microsoft Media Foundation VideoCapture\MediaFoundationCam\MediaFoundationCam.dpr   
MMF File Grabbing Grabbing video from a file using Microsoft Media Foundation VideoCapture\MediaFoundationFile\MediaFoundationFile.dpr   
MMF Web Grabbing Grabbing video from the web using Microsoft Media Foundation VideoCapture\MediaFoundationURL\MediaFoundationURL.dpr   
DirectShow Motion Detector Motion detection using DirectShow VideoCapture\MotionDetector\DShowCap.dpr   
Record Desktop to AVI Record desktop activity to an AVI file VideoCapture\DesktopToAvi\DesktopToAvi.dpr   
Save Images as AVI Video Create an AVI file from a selection of images VideoCapture\ImagesToAvi\ImagesToAvi.dpr   
VMR DVD Player Playback of DVD using DirectShow VMR VideoCapture\VMR_DVD\VMR_DVD.dpr   
VMR Video Player Playback of multimedia using DirectShow VMR VideoCapture\VMR_Video\VMR_Video.dpr   
VMR to AVI Capture of video to AVI file using DirectShow VMR VideoCapture\VMR_Capture\VMR_Capture.dpr   
VMR Video Capture Video capture using DirectShow VMR VideoCapture\VMR_Camera\VMR_Camera.dpr   
VNC Viewer 1 (RFB) VNC Viewer (using RFB protocol) VideoCapture\RFB_VNCViewer1\VNCViewer1.dpr   
VNC Viewer 2 (RFB) VNC Viewer (using RFB protocol) supporting multiple sources VideoCapture\RFB_VNCViewer2\VNCViewer2.dpr   

Other Demos

Demo Description Demo Project Folder Compiled Demo
All Components Overview of the twelve key ImageEn components Other\AllComps\AllComponents.dpr   
ImageEn Dialogs Preview of all dialogs available in ImageEn Other\ImageEn_Dialogs\ImageEn_Dialogs.dpr   
ImageEn Theming Use of VCL Theming to style ImageEn controls
ImageEnView Rulers Display of rulers within a TImageEnView
Color Palette Display and selection of colors of a palette using TIEColorPalette
Custom User Interaction: Compare Using TIEUserInteraction to add custom UI functionality to a TImageEnView: Dragging a divider to compare similar images Other\CustomUserInteraction_Compare\UserInteraction.dpr   
Custom User Interaction: Stamping Using TIEUserInteraction to add custom UI functionality to a TImageEnView: Stamping hearts onto an image Other\CustomUserInteraction_Stamping\UserInteraction.dpr   
File Drag/Drop Use of TIEFileDragDrop to drag/drop files between your application and Windows Explorer Other\FileDragDrop\FileDragDrop.dpr   
Folder Tree Use of TIEFolderTree and TIEFileListBox to browse Windows folders
Meta-Data ListView Use of TIEMetaListView to view and edit image meta-data, including EXIF, IPTC, Dicom Tags, XMP and PDF properties.
Mouse Interaction Options Demo the interaction options available with MouseInteractGeneral and MouseInteractLayers Other\MouseInteract\MouseInteract.dpr   
Mouse Wheel Params The effect of the TImageEnView and TImageEnMView MouseWheelParams properties Other\MouseWheel\MouseWheelParams.dpr   
PDF Viewer Viewing and manipulation of Adobe PDF files, including text searching and selection, form editing, and page importing, moving and deletion
PDF Form Fields Reading and setting the values of form fields in Adobe PDF files
PDF Toolbar Using the built-in toolbar for viewing and editing Adobe PDF files Other\PDFViewerToolbar\PDFViewerToolbar.dpr   
PDF Objects Reading and updating the objects of an Adobe PDF page Other\PDFPageObjects\PDFPageObjects.dpr   
PDF Page Drag/Drop Dragging of pages within a PDF document to reorder them Other\PDFPageDragDrop\PDFPageDD.dpr   
PDF Printer Automatic printing of PDF files and images added to a folder Other\PdfPrinter\PdfPrinter.dpr   
Pointer Events Demo of the OnPointer event of TImageEnView to handle tablet/pen usage, and enable pressure sensitive painting Other\PointerEvent\PointerEvent.dpr   
Rich Text Editor Demo of the TIERichEdit control with automatic toolbar
ImageEnView Toolbars Use of TImageEnView viewing, editing, selection and layer toolbars Other\ImageEnViewToolbar\IEToolbar.dpr   
Select Image Cells Divide an image into a grid and allow selection of individual cells. Shows how to draw on the back buffer and perform custom selections Other\CellsAndGrid\CellsAndGrid.dpr   
Touch Screen Gestures Using gestures on a touch screen to pan, zoom and manipulate images Other\Gestures\Gestures.dpr   
Wallpaper Maker Create HTML Wallpaper images using ImageEn canvas and tiling functionality Other\WallpaperMaker\CreateWallpaper.dpr   
Zip Browser Display the images and files in a Zip file using the 7z plug-in Other\ZipBrowser\ZipBrowser.dpr   

Vectorial Component Demos (Legacy)

Demo Description Demo Project Folder Compiled Demo
Vectorial Editor A full demo of TImageEnVect capabilities for creating and editing vector based images XLegacy_Demos\VectorEditor\Vectorial\Demo.dpr   
Actions for ImageEnVect Vector image application built using only ImageEnVect actions XLegacy_Demos\VectorEditor\Actions_Vect\VectActions.dpr   
Add Markers Add information markers to an image XLegacy_Demos\VectorEditor\Marker\Marker.dpr   
Add Spots Add and edit circular objects on an image XLegacy_Demos\VectorEditor\Spots\Spots.dpr   
Curved Text Draw text that is curved, rotated or with shadow effects XLegacy_Demos\VectorEditor\CurvedText\Curved.dpr   
Database Vectorial Demo Display of vector files stored within a database blob field using TImageEnDBVect XLegacy_Demos\VectorEditor\Database_Vect\DemoDBVect.dpr   
Dragging to TImageEnVect Dragging text from a listbox to a TImageEnVect XLegacy_Demos\VectorEditor\ImageEnVect_DragDrop\ImageEnVect_DragDrop.dpr   
ImageEnVect vs ImageEnView Comparison of code between TImageEnVect and TImageEnView XLegacy_Demos\VectorEditor\ImageEnVect_vs_ImageEnView\VectvsView.dpr   
Magic Selection to Polygon Convert an irregular selection to a polygon XLegacy_Demos\VectorEditor\MagicToPolygon\Magic2Polygon.dpr   
Formatted Text Annotations Burn formatted text into an image XLegacy_Demos\VectorEditor\AdvancedText\AdvancedText.dpr   
Text Arrows Add arrows with text to an image XLegacy_Demos\VectorEditor\TextArrow\TestLabel.dpr   
Vectorial with User Data Store user data with objects in a TImageEnVect XLegacy_Demos\VectorEditor\UserDataVect\UserDataVect.dpr